Most entrepreneurs and marketers we know have a problem.

We can’t resist shiny new technology.

We buy powerful laptops – and then use them for nothing but writing and making spreadsheets.

Our inboxes are a graveyard of product codes for software we thought we needed… only to log into it a couple of times, get overwhelmed, and retreat into familiar territory.

We purchase website memberships, video and audio gear, fancy notebooks and planners – you name it, we’ve bought it, dabbled in it, and forgotten all about it!

Truly, magpies have nothing on marketers and entrepreneurs.

And don’t get us wrong – we’re not saying this to be mean to anybody. If anything, it’s a direct criticism of ourselves more than anyone else! We used to obsess over technology and tools. And even now we have our moments.

But being a good marketer isn’t about using the latest gadgets or software. It’s about execution – taking massive imperfect action to grow your business, with whatever tools you have available.

In fact, did you know you could implement a highly effective marketing strategy that will grow your business… using only your smartphone?

It’s true! And on this week’s guest on the Get Genius podcast is living proof of that!

Dear listeners, meet Tabitha Carro – the Genius of smartphone marketing.

For 13 years, she taught elementary school while running her own curriculum design business on the side. Tabitha’s current passion is exploring how to visually promote businesses using nothing more than an iPhone.

In May 2016, she created Smartphone Marketing School – a blog and a membership site where she shares her iPhone design and marketing techniques with fellow business owners.

Through Tabitha’s course content, members are learning how to create professional videos, product photos, and social media designs without the need for camera equipment, desktop software, or outsourcing design work.

In today’s interview, Tabitha will share her best insights about smartphone marketing – including:

  • How to create attention-grabbing social media posts for your target audience
  • The exact smartphone apps to use to make smartphone marketing a total cakewalk
  • Creative hacks for making your content look super-professional (so nobody can tell you’re just using your phone)

And more!

Today’s interview will prove to you that you don’t need state-of-the-art hardware and software to market your business. You can go DIY with just your phone, a few apps, and a bit of time and effort – and still get results!

Even if you don’t plan to use your smartphone for all your marketing needs, this episode will show you the new meaning of the word “bootstrapping” – and change the way you look at digital marketing.

So, what do you say?

Shall we put that shiny rectangle to better uses than checking your social media feeds 50 times an hour? Excellent! Then we hope you enjoy this week’s conversation between Summer and Tabitha.

(Also, don’t forget to grab Tabitha’s free course on smartphone marketing. We will link to it in the show notes below – don’t miss it!)

Click here for the full transcription

Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Tabitha

[09:33] How Tabitha transitioned from teaching into smart phone marketing

[14:43] Some tips about starting out in smart phone marketing

[17:22] Tabitha’s approach to social media

[19:01] Top 2 strategies Tabitha uses to craft super-engaging social media posts

[21:48] How Tabitha keeps up with the changing needs of her market

[24:10] What it’s like to work with Tabitha

[28:58] Tabitha’s hack for creating longer Instagram videos that don’t put viewers to sleep

[31:13] Tabitha’s website and her tips on Instagrams “Collection Categories”

[35:05] How to make your social media photos look stunning with minimal effort

[37:18] Apps that make content creation and scheduling easy

[39:18] The free courses Tabitha offers on her site

[42:05] Where you can learn more about Tabitha

Resources from Tabitha:

Tabitha’s website

“Couchhustlers” – Tabitha’s free course on smartphone marketing