“What’s the secret to success/wealth/marital bliss/anything else?”

High performers get this question all the time, no matter which area of life they excel at.

And the answer is almost always the same: ruthless prioritization.

Of course, most of these high performers never say it out loud – they are too considerate and too careful not to offend anyone.

So we end up with advice like, “Follow your bliss!” and “Just put yourself out there!”

Which is not 100% wrong… but it’s missing one key piece of the puzzle.

To improve any element of your life, you need to set crystal-clear priorities. Only then you will be free to pursue them with single-minded determination and, yes, passion. This rule of thumb applies to everything: your relationship with yourself and other people, your health, how you spend your time – you name it.

When you do focus, and when you do become unflinchingly honest about what matters most to you… that’s when wonderful things start happening and you get the results you’ve been obsessing about. Sadly, most people are terrible at it – even (especially!) entrepreneurs.

That’s what we want to discuss with you in today’s episode of the Get Genius podcast. Usually we favor certain specific topics: like biohacking, or copywriting, or persuasion

…but this week’s interview is special. It is, quite literally, about living your unique version of a successful life – without compromises.

To tackle this huge topic, we invited Brian Scrone on the podcast.

He is an entrepreneur and a real estate investor – but that’s not why we wanted to interview him! Like most people, Brian struggled with finding fulfillment and figuring out what really mattered in his life.

After a scrape with “rock bottom,” he developed a system of tools and practices that brought his priorities into focus, and his life into flow. It’s called The 5F’s, and we’ll discuss it on the podcast – among other insights that will help you live your life on your own terms.

Now, Brian is committed to serving others in doing the same through his book, “What Matters Most.” In this episode, we’ll tackle everything from good parenting, to prioritizing your life in a way that feels natural, to book writing, and more. Enjoy!

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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Brian

[06:20] Brian’s journey from rock bottom to entrepreneurial success

[08:41] How to bring parents and their kids together

[10:40] Making your children a priority

[15:56] How to get alone time, no matter how busy you are

[20:22] Being preventative

[23:51] The 5F’s that make up a good life

[28:51] “What Matters Most”

[30:56] Writing the book

[41:40] Prioritizing the 5F’s in your life

Resources from Brian:

“What Matters Most” on Amazon

Brian’s website – grab a free chapter of Brian’s book and take the 5F’s quiz to learn what to focus on in your life.