The best thing about digital marketing is, your potential customers are everywhere. All you need to do is go where they are, and reach them with a relevant message. 

And the worst thing about digital marketing is… your customers are everywhere! That often means that you have to be, too. Even smaller brands are facing the necessity of promoting themselves across multiple channels, putting their message out there again and again. 

Sounds almost impossible, doesn’t it? 

So today, let’s talk about how to do multi-channel marketing effectively and efficiently, using video.

Read on, and you will learn 4 strategies for how to establish a prominent video presence on multiple platforms — all without breaking the bank or working yourself and your team to exhaustion!

Let’s begin.

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1. Know what audiences want on each platform

Your customers expect different types of content from each site / platform they use. What gets showered with likes and views on YouTube might be doomed to obscurity on Facebook or Instagram — and vice versa.

So ask yourself: what kind of content does your target audience want to see on each channel? Then, tailor your video marketing strategy accordingly.

For example, here’s how consumers like their video content on most popular platforms:

  • YouTube: long-form videos that communicate useful, high-value insights and tutorials.
  • Instagram: short, entertaining, and visually arresting content is usually a winner.
  • Facebook: live video is king on FB, driving a lot more engagement and exposure.
  • TikTok: super short clips that prioritize entertainment above all else.

These aren’t hard-and-fast rules, mind you — e.g. you can deliver valuable content even in bite-sized TikToks, and you can absolutely crush it on YT live streaming. But these are good rules of thumb to remember as you’re building your brand on each platform.

Gradually, as you experiment and test different formats, you will discover what exactly makes your customers tick, and incorporate it into your video marketing campaigns!

Tip: you also want to be mindful about the specs of your video content on each platform. E.g. Facebook loves square videos; most sites autoplay video content without sound, so captions are a must; and so on. Study how each platform approaches video and try to meet those requirements — it will make a substantial difference in marketing performance.


2. Leverage each channel’s unique features to drive growth

Adapting your videos to resonate with the tastes of users on each platform is only half the battle. You also want to get familiar with the different video tools and features available to you on each site… and make the most of them to grow your audience and boost views!

I know, I know — it would be much easier if all these places had the same functionality. But hey, what are you gonna do?

Once again, here’s a little summary of the features you can leverage on popular sites to get your video content noticed…

  • YouTube: video SEO, custom thumbnails, and good titles + descriptions (or as I like to call them, the Trifecta of Discoverability) are a must.
  • Instagram: Reels are probably your best bet for driving new followers to your account, while Stories and IGTV work great for engaging your existing audience.
  • Facebook: live streaming content is one of the best ways to get your customers’ attention; and if you have the budget, investing in video ads can be a huge boost.
  • TikTok: you need to court the recommendations algorithm, because most TikTok users discover new videos by scrolling. And for that, smart use of tags is essential.

Simply being aware of those features and how they work, and investing just a bit more time and energy in using them, will put you ahead of 99% of your competitors.


3. Repurpose your videos and use content amplification

Now, let’s face it — regularly posting unique video content on multiple channels would be a giant investment of time, money, and energy. For most businesses, it is completely unsustainable.

That’s why a lot of entrepreneurs prefer the method known as “posting the same video everywhere with no changes whatsoever.” They do that… and then wonder why they aren’t seeing an increase in views and leads.

But is it really so surprising? It’s not enough to distribute one video to different platforms — as we’ve discussed before, you need to adapt it to each site’s audience and specs.

That means, it’s time for some intelligent repurposing and content amplification!

Here’s how it can look in action:

Step 1. You produce one “keystone” piece of video content, e.g. for your YouTube channel.

Step 2. You break down the original video into smaller clips ready for social media: 30-60 second outtakes that can be turned into an ad; a 1-minute “highlight reel” to post on Instagram; a 15-second snippet to tease it on Twitter, etc.

Step 3. (optional) You convert the video into different formats: take the audio for a podcast episode, format the script into a blog post, take some of the visuals and make a presentation… This gives you ready-to-use content even for channels that don’t focus on video.

Step 4.  You deploy the suite of content you created (all from one video!) across multiple channels, driving views and growing your audience of potential customers.

If you want to learn more about content amplification, check out this guide we created a while back — it will help you get started.


4. Leverage user-generated content in your marketing

Did you know? You don’t have to rely solely on your own branded video content to promote your business on different channels. You can get your customers and followers to create content about your company, and use it for marketing!

It’s true — user-generated content is a great way to generate organic buzz about your brand and beef up your content library at the same time.

Now, you might be wondering, “Why would people just up and create content about my brand?” 

For a whole number of reasons, actually! Maybe they recorded a detailed review or a testimonial for your product or service. Or maybe they snapped a pic, recorded a video, or wrote a post simply showing off your product. Or maybe they produced and submitted the content as part of a contest or giveaway that you created — because you can do that!

You can turn anything and everything your customers post about your brand or your offers into marketing assets:

  • You can repost video testimonials and reviews to your page, adding your branding (just make sure to get permission first).
  • You can take customer-created pics and screenshots of their posts — and turn them into a video montage, or insert them into your sales videos for social proof.
  • You can even encourage people to make their own marketing videos about your brand as part of a contest, and reward them with prizes!

User-generated content is especially effective in social videos, but you can deploy it pretty much anywhere. It’s an incredibly powerful content marketing technique — use it wisely.


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