A recent survey found that 70% of senior advertising executives are planning to shift more of their television advertising budget over to online video advertising.

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The news isn’t surprising.  Online video advertising kicks television’s butt in so many ways. Here are just 9 of them:

  1. It’s cheaper. If you want a television commercial that doesn’t look embarrassingly amateurish and have it play on local or national television states during a time when people are actually watching, you have to spend a LOT of money.  Or, you can create a compelling animated online video and make sure that marketing video seen by thousands or even millions of your exact target audience for under $2,000.

  1. It’s more effective. Seventy-five percent of advertising agency executives say that online video ads are more effective than traditional television ads.  They’ve connected the dots and proven that video ads create more leads and generate more customers.

  2. It triggers more engagement. With TV, you have two choices: you can either watch the ads or avoid them.  With online video, you have so many more options to get people to engage with your content.  You can invite them to comment on it.  You can include an embeddable link that takes them to your website.  You can invite them to watch other videos. You can even email a friend about it.

    Which brings us to our next point…

  1. It’s sharable. Imagine that you watch the most amazing television commercial in the world.  Maybe it’s a commercial about the coolest movie ever made starring all your favorite actors and actresses.  You race to the phone to call your best friends and tell them about it. And if they want to see it for themselves, they have to drop what they’re doing, find the television show you’re watching, and hope that the commercial airs again before the end of the show.

    Yeah… like that’s going to happen.

    But if you see an online video that inspires or outrages you or makes you laugh, you can simply press a button and share it with hundreds or even thousands of people—which is something 92% of mobile video viewers do regularly.

    That’s the power of online viral marketing and it’s something television just can’t touch.

  1. It reaches hard-to-find audiences. When you advertise to a television viewing audience, you’re speaking to a large and general audience. It’s hard to drill down and find the small niche markets comprised of the exact kind of person who’s likely to become a customer.

    But with video, you can find websites that cater to highly focused audiences who have a huge amount in common. This makes it so much easier to target your message to speak to their specific needs.

  1. It takes more risks. Online video ads tend to be smarter, funnier, more shocking or inspiring than traditional television ads, which are seen by a wider audience and run a larger risk of causing offence. This makes online videos more unforgettable.

  2. It’s easier to test, track, and improve. The Internet allows you to trace a customer’s buying journey from the moment they perform a search or click on a link and arrive on your site to the moment where they make a purchase.

    You can test different videos and discover exactly which ones do the best job of converting viewers into customers. Then you can tweak those ones still further and discover the perfect headline/video/call to action combination that drives the most sales.

  1. It’s what people want.  According to Software Advice, more than 90% of online consumers say they’ll  watch an online video ad compared to other forms of marketing content such as case studies (84%), webinars (78%), free trials (61%), or ebooks (48%).

  1. Most people still aren’t using it. Here’s the clincher – only 24% of national brands aren’t even using online video advertising yet. Many of the biggest players aren’t even on the playing field yet.

    Which means it’s the perfect time for YOU to get started.

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