If you set a goal to double conversions on one of your marketing videos, how would you accomplish that? 

That’s a challenging question to answer… because there are just so many options! 

A lot of business owners tackle this problem the same way:

Step 1. Make a bunch of scattered, tiny changes — e.g. make the CTA button red, change the video thumbnail, turn autoplay on or off, and so on.

Step 2. Cross fingers and hope that their tweaks create a lift in conversions. Feel disappointed when no such miraculous boost happens.

Step 3. Come back to Step 1 and try some other stuff to see what sticks.

You can see where those entrepreneurs are going wrong, can’t you?

First off, they aren’t prioritizing the changes that could make the biggest impact on conversions / sales. And second? They are acting on the assumption that their video needs to be improved… but not the other marketing and sales elements that tie into it.

Today, I want to show you a better way to optimize your marketing videos.

I’m going to share 5 proven strategies you can use to get more conversions and sales. Only three of them will focus on the video itself — and the other two will improve the overall context and flow of your sales and marketing (as it connects to your video content).

Let’s dive right in!


1. Add objection handling and risk reversal to your videos

No matter how persuasive your sales pitch is, most customers won’t say yes right away. Instead, they will say something like, “Yeah, but what if…”

  • “…the product / service doesn’t work?”
  • “…it’s not a fit for my situation specifically?”
  • “…I’m going to struggle to use it effectively?”
  • “…something better exists for free?”

The list goes on. Those concerns and objections may not all be huge — heck, they may not even be rational! — but they are valid enough to derail a buying decision.

Which means, you can’t afford to shy away from discussing them. Your marketing videos need to address your viewers’ top objections head on and put their mind at ease. To do that, you can follow a simple 3-point framework…

First, acknowledge the concern that needs addressing. A good video can do it just as it crosses the viewer’s mind… or even slightly before that!

Then, explain how your product or service is designed to prevent the concern from happening, or minimize it so much that it becomes no big deal.

And finally, if needed, throw in some risk reversal — e.g. a compelling guarantee that will protect your customer should something bad happen after all.

(If you’d like more advice on handling objections from prospects, check out this guide.)


2. Clarify and enhance your call to action

You’ve spent the entirety of your marketing video persuading the viewer that they need your offer more than anything — and they need it now.

Here comes the most important part: driving them to take immediate, specific action.

Do it just right, and your leads will move through the funnel like leaves floating downstream. But if your call to action is too vague, or too non-commital… then all that energy and drive you’ve built up in your viewers will simply scatter with no effect.

So what kind of CTA does your marketing video need in order to convert? Make sure it checks these boxes:

  • Be clear, not clever. The more specific and tangible your call to action, the more people will actually follow it. E.g. instead of going, “Take advantage of our free trial today!” you want to say, “Start your free 60-day trial today! Just click the button below and fill out the form for instant access.”
  • Focus on the next tangible step. See how in the example above I’m referencing simple actions: clicking a button, filling out a form, etc.? Make sure your CTA is grounded in immediate, actionable stuff, or it will easily get too overwhelming and complicated.
  • Remind people about benefits and results. Mention the outcome your viewers want to achieve, and connect it to the call to action. Notice how in my example I’m talking about getting instant access to the product immediately after I give instructions.


3. Use analytics to optimize your video’s performance

Data can reveal some fascinating things about how customers engage with your content. Most importantly, it can tell you where the video succeeds… and where it falls short.

Without robust analytics, your insights begin and end with core data points like views and conversion rates. Don’t get me wrong: those are super useful! But there are many other, more subtle yet extremely actionable things you might be missing.

For example:

  • Do you know your audience retention, i.e. what percentage of people actually watch your video all the way through? This is a crucial factor in your overall conversion rate — and it’s often easier to fix poor retention than to find ways to scale traffic.
  • Do you know at which points exactly audience drop-off happens? These point to weak points in your video that could be improved, e.g. a lukewarm introduction (gotta make the most of those first 5 seconds!)
  • Do you know your clickthrough rate vs. your conversion rate? If lots of people follow your call to action but never complete it, it will result in poor conversions even if your video is awesome (more on that in #5).

Data is knowledge, and knowledge is power. As an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to neglect video analytics — because it holds the key to maximizing your ROI. 

(Check out this article for more strategies on how to use analytics in video marketing.)


4. Let your sales team integrate video into their process

Oftentimes, your marketing videos are the first touch point a potential customer will experience. 

9 times out of 10, they’re going to watch a sales video and then interact with someone on your team — and on the 10th time, someone on your sales team will send them a video as part of the nurturing process.

So wouldn’t it help your conversions if your salespeople knew those videos inside and out?

That was a rhetorical question, by the way, because of course it would!

At minimum, it would save your teammates from having to repeat any messages that your marketing videos already cover. It’s estimated that an effective explainer video can save your company 1,440 hours a year on, well… explaining your brand and offer.

Instead, they could zero in on each individual prospect’s goals, problems, and specific questions — which would help build trust, speed up the process, and boost productivity.

So get your sales team comfy and competent with every single one of your marketing videos. The more familiar they are with your video assets, the better job they will do connecting with and persuading new leads.

Even if this synergy doesn’t skyrocket your conversions, it will still shave hundreds upon hundreds of hours off your sales team’s workload. And in turn, this will allow them to take on more leads at a time and close deals faster!


5. Examine and improve the post-viewing experience

What happens after your customers have watched the video? 

If they follow the call to action and convert, what will the next stage of the process look like? Or, if they bounce partway through, will you have any way to bring them back (assuming you even want to)? Or let’s say they don’t take action at all — what other touch points can you leverage to keep the relationship alive and try converting them again?

Many entrepreneurs never stop to ask these long-term, big-picture questions. They are too focused on tweaking and tinkering with the video itself, thinking that it will be enough to solve any conversion problems.

But it doesn’t work like that.

The truth is, your marketing is only as effective as its weakest element.

Your video might be a persuasion masterpiece, but it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. For example, if your opt-in form is poorly optimized, then your lead conversion rate won’t be as high as it could be. If you don’t have a clear path for nurturing a prospect into a paying customer, it will take more than an awesome video to skyrocket your sales.

So if you want your marketing video to succeed, make sure that all the other elements of your funnel are enhancing its performance instead of dragging it down!


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