In business, you can’t afford to be a “me too”.

You have to be unique — or at the very least remarkable.

It’s not just about your USP, or your marketing, or how amazing your product or services are.

Being different and remarkable starts with the simplest things. It starts with how you communicate.

If you have a distinctive voice that resonates with your target audience — and can’t be confused with anyone else — you will never want for attention, or customer feedback, or sales.

A compelling brand voice is hard to develop, and even harder to keep intact.

It’s tough enough when you are the one writing all the copy — but what happens when you need to hire someone else to do that?

On the one hand, you have all the regular challenges…

  • What if that person is a terrible writer?
  • What if you can’t afford their fees?
  • What if they don’t meet your deadlines?

But there’s also another potential problem, one that’s just as serious — what if your copywriter’s voice doesn’t fit your brand? How do you teach them? What do you do to make sure that any new writer you get on board can learn your brand language — fast?

These are deep, advanced questions with no easy answers. That’s why, on today’s episode of Get Genius podcast, we are thrilled to have a guest who solves these complex problems for a living!

This week, Summer sits down to interview Abbey Woodcock — a true expert in direct response marketing, and a copywriting Genius of the highest caliber.

If you’ve ever wondered, “How exactly do I develop a unique voice for my brand?” or “How exactly do I hire a great writer?” — she’s going to show you how in this episode.

You will learn Abbey’s super-effective secrets for writing sales copy, communicating with your customers in an authentic, memorable voice, hiring and onboarding terrific writers, and so much more.

We hope you enjoy today’s interview — so, without further ado, here’s Abbey!

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Here’s what you will learn:

00:45 Introducing Abbey

03:03 Abbey’s main focus

05:05 Mastering your voice in copywriting

10:40 Connecting with your customers

12:42 How to stay on top of new information

14:05 Writing copy for products you enjoy

15:38 The 10,000 hour rule

18:15 Direct response marketing

21:11 People fall in love with you, not your product

27:22 How to learn from Abbey


Resources from Abbey: