What does being an effective entrepreneur mean to you?

Checking the greatest possible number of things off your to do list every day?

Generating the most revenue? Maintaining the highest profit margins?

Those are all great metrics… if we look at a business purely from a standpoint of productivity, or making money. But doing business isn’t about money – not really.

It’s about finding a sustainable way to change the world. To make an impact you care about making.

And from that point of view, the most effective entrepreneur is the one whose vision makes the biggest difference in the world. Everything else is a vanity metric.

Today’s guest on the Get Genius podcast lives by this lofty standard. We hope he will inspire you to do the same.

This week, we would like you to meet Chip Franks – an insightful entrepreneur, wonderful husband and father, and one of the kindest human beings you will ever hear from.

Chip started out in real estate, running a successful property management company out of Harker Heights, Texas. He had a thriving business, a loving family…

…and he was miserable. Chip would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, asking himself, “Am I doing enough with my life? What’s the biggest difference I could be making?”

It took a tremendous amount of energy and courage for Chip to sell off his real estate business and start a string of new ventures – and you’ll hear all about the tools and practices that enabled him to make it happen in today’s interview.

The important thing is, Chip did make it happen. And as of last year, he is the proud Founder (or, as he likes to say, Chief Joe and Bottlewasher) of JoeVolunteer – a Benefits Corporation that aims to increase global volunteerism tenfold.

JoeVolunteer connects eager volunteers with organizations in desperate need of their help – kind of like an Uber for people who want to change the world with their kindness and hard work.

Apart from this venture, Chip has created a few other remarkable companies – namely, The Accountable Me, helping entrepreneurs follow through with their commitments, and Help with Agents, which connects the best real estate professionals with new clients.

To top it all off, Chip is also in the process of writing what could be the most useful children’s book ever.

Talk about making a difference!

If you feel like you could be doing more with your life as an entrepreneur, are entering a difficult transitional period in your business or life, or just need to figure out the next big thing to work on… Chip is the guy to learn from.

We hope you enjoy this week’s interview with all its numerous insights – and we’ll let Chip and Summer take it from here!

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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Chip

[05:31] Chip’s story and transformation

[12:38] Simple daily rituals that got Chip out of a funk

[17:50] How Joe Volunteer got started

[20:55] “Daddy’s Advice Book” Chip is writing to his children

[24:30] Chip’s advice on starting fresh… especially when you’re scared

[28:01] How to use shadowing to find the right advisors

[30:47] “Who inspires you?”

[35:57] The amazing Alec

[44:02] An unforgettable moment

[51:51] What Chip learned after having a stroke

[56:42] Love yourself like your life depended on it

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