Where does great copy come from?

It doesn’t magically appear when you sit down to write. Sure, you can make it up as you go along, but it won’t be great copy. It won’t even be good copy.

It doesn’t come from books and courses on copywriting, either. You can swipe someone else’s seven-figure ads, use them to sell your products and services… and still have terrible results.

Great copy doesn’t even come from your own head. You could sit there for hours, obsessing over every word you put on the page, and it wouldn’t be great copy no matter how much you tinker with it.

There’s only one source of truly great copy…

Your customers.

The way they describe their problems, things that motivate them, their hopes and their fears… that is the stuff great copy is made of. Without listening to what your customers have to say, you could be the greatest writer who ever lived – and you still wouldn’t be able to craft a compelling sales message.

In fact, you might do even worse! You might write something, completely by accident, that would repel your ideal prospects and attract people you would never want to do business with.

So there’s your secret to marketing that converts: craft your copy and your funnels around your customers’ needs. Easier said than done, right?

You’ve heard that one before, “Listen to your customers and give them what they need!” This piece of advice is as wise as it is useless.

If it were that simple, everyone would have become as huge as Nike (who have mastered this approach, by the way)!

But like many truly profound lessons, it’s difficult to internalize without putting in the time and effort first. Without diving deep into the nitty-gritty and trying it yourself several times. Without failing, succeeding, and learning what made all the difference…

But today, we want to give you a fast-track to writing conscious, high-converting copy, and building funnels that match your customers’ needs and expectations exactly.

This week on Get Genius podcast, we have Joy Houston – the Co-Founder at Launchr Inc!

She’s a visionary entrepreneur, copywriter extraordinaire, and a genius marketing strategist who has overseen the building, writing, launching, and optimization of funnels for countless high-value, high integrity brands.

Along her journey, Joy has developed tons of novel and remarkable approaches to marketing. In today’s interview, she and Summer will focus on these three:

  • Joy’s unique “Conscious Copy” process that any company can use to take a deep dive into their customers’ psychology, their motivating factors, and the exact language they use when interacting with their brand.
  • Her personality-based approach to building marketing funnels that cater to different types of buyers. Joy knows a lot about what it takes to craft a truly high-converting funnel that doesn’t just sell to a customer once, but keeps them as repeat customers for life.
  • The way Joy thinks about branding, and creating a rich customer experience that creates an authentic, mutually beneficial relationship between a customer and a brand – one that doesn’t feel sleazy, one-sided, or overly promotional.

As you can see, today’s episode is going to be an eye-opener – we hope you enjoy it!

Hint: check out the show notes to this interview to grab a special gift that Joy has prepared specially for Get Genius listeners!

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Here’s what you will learn:

Introducing Joy [00:16]

Joy’s story [02:00]

Business-destroying copywriting mistakes [06:57]

Joy’s secrets of authentic branding [11:00]

Little-known tips for building an effective sales funnel [19:37]

Essential questions to ask your prospects [31:20]

Joy’s free “Copy Launcher” course (claim it below!) [42:31]

Resources from Joy:

“Copy Launchr” Course – exclusive bonus for Get Genius listeners!