Here’s an idea: sales isn’t about selling at all.

For the most part, it’s about getting people to know, like, and trust you. Them giving you money is just a byproduct of your relationship. If you get everything right leading up to the sale, you won’t have to ask very hard.

You see, here’s the problem that most marketers and business owners are facing. They look at potential customers in a purely transactional way. To those brands, everything is clear-cut and simple: there’s them, there’s their offer, and there’s someone they have to convert.

On the one hand, this view is understandable. After all, your business lives or dies by the number of sales you bring in. You can’t blame brands for being practical!

But on the other hand, it makes many businesses, including yours, leave money on the table.

You wouldn’t have to do it — if you focus on developing the “know, like, and trust” factor first and foremost.

We know what you’re thinking: isn’t that supposed to take a long time?

Bonding with your prospects, developing mutual trust and respect, then building up to ask for a sale… It sounds like months of work, and you need sales now!

Actually, today on Get Genius podcast we have a guest who can teach you how to connect with your prospects in a deep and meaningful way… in just 60 seconds!

But that’s not all he can show you — otherwise it would be a pretty short episode!

We’re enormous fans of this week’s guest on the show, and we hope you like him too. The Draw Shop community, meet Kevin Rogers.

Kevin is widely known as one of the most in-demand consultants and copywriters in the world — so his reputation precedes him. But if you’d like a bit more background on him, here’s the scoop:

  • Kevin has spent years traveling the States as a broke stand-up comedian. He played nightclubs, opened comedy shows for big-name talent, and was struggling to get his big break. Then Kevin discovered that a simple joke formula he was using worked as a brilliant marketing hook. He started teaching it to business owners, and the rest is history.
  • Kevin’s greatest strength is teaching anyone how to use their story, so they can connect better with customers, and compel them to take action. Even if you think that your story isn’t interesting enough, Kevin begs to differ — and he can give you the tools to transform it into a powerful sales hook.
  • Kevin is also a bestselling author, and works closely with big-name marketers, corporations, and even local brick-and-mortar businesses. He’s turned around countless sluggish ad campaigns, created irresistible stories for numerous brands, and put together a supportive community of copywriters and online marketers.

Needless to say, Summer had a blast with this interview — and not just because she loves talking copy! If you run a business, copywriting is something you need to understand — and Kevin is the best man for the job. So, without further ado, enjoy this chat!

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Here’s what you will learn:

Introducing Kevin [00:30]

Kevin’s story of transformation from struggling comedian to superstar marketer [03:33]

Giving up stand-up comedy [06:25]

How to create your story — even if you think it’s nothing special [09:00]

Why copywriting is the money-making skill for business [12:30]

Kevin’s 4-sentence formula [16:15]

Copy Chief community [23:32]

How to develop copywriting confidence [28:55]

The Ask Method [31:25]

Know, Like, and Trust (KLT) [36:40]

Bulletproof Coffee [42:45]

Resources from Kevin:

Copy Chief

The 60-Second Sales Hook