Have you ever heard the phrase, “Your network is your net worth?”

Chances are, every entrepreneur has come across it more than once. And every time, they would roll their eyes a little, nod, say “Yeah, yeah, I know” – and promptly forget all about it.

But guess what? That saying is 100% correct.

Most people don’t realize just how true it is. So they shrug it off. And later, when they struggle to build a profitable business… they have no one to turn to.

No experts who could help them avoid weeks of trial and error with 10 minutes of advice. No like-minded friends who have been where they are, and found the solution. No mentors who can save them from chasing Shiny Object #589, wasting time with premature optimization, or falling victim to “analysis paralysis.”

Because here’s the thing… In business, there are no “silver bullets,” quick fixes, or cure-alls. But if anything comes close, it’s this:


Having access to the right people can solve any business problem. Some entrepreneurs come to understand it very early on – that, however brilliant they are, they can’t go it alone. So they build relationships. They make friends. They add value to people.

Most importantly, they learn the most underrated skill of them all – asking for help.

This week, we have two exceptional entrepreneurs who did exactly this…

… and grew their business (already at multiple 7 figures) tenfold in just two years.

Kim England and Lisha Crytzer have known each other for 22 years, and been in business together for 16. Here’s just a fraction of what they’ve managed to accomplish together:

  • Kim and Lisha started out as coworkers, and became business partners in 2001. Following the time-tested wisdom of, “Can’t find what you’re looking for? Build it!” they started a business helping hospitals improve their hiring processes. Gradually, it turned into a multi-million dollar venture, and things couldn’t look any brighter…
  • …until all of a sudden, the company stopped growing. Revenue stagnated, burnout set in, and Lisha and Kim approached within an inch of bankruptcy. They could have given up. But instead, they plucked up the courage to ask for help, and fix their business.
  • Fast-forward 2 years, and their company has grown tenfold! This experience led Kim and Lisha to create Fast Inc. Network, where entrepreneurs can get access to top experts, resources, and strategies to catapult their business to the next level.

This interview provides a goldmine of insights for anyone who wants to learn more about business partnerships, profitable networking, outsourcing your weaknesses intelligently, and growing your business with an exceptional team culture.

We hope you enjoy it!

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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:16] Introducing Kim and Lisha

[04:05] How Fast Inc. Network got started

[12:50] Struggling as an entrepreneur

[18:15] The secret to outsourcing effectively

[31:01] Forming a profitable partnership

[38:20] Mindsets that will help you unlock peak performance

[43:08] How to create a great culture in your team

[46:22] How to 10X your revenue

[52:31] The truth about “giving up”

Resources from Kim and Lisha:

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