In reality, every marketing offer is really a fundamental promise. The seller makes a promise and the customer decides whether or not to believe that promise.


 As a marketer, how do you set up that promise in a way that prompts the buyer to act?  And, how do you ensure that the same buyer will act on any future promises you make?

There are really just three little questions that you need to ponder to make this happen.

1. Is the audience interested in your promise?

In order for your offer to be successful, your audience must be open to hearing what you have to say.  If they haven’t demonstrated a clear interest in what you’re promising, then no matter how attractive your offer is, they’re not going to listen.

How do you ensure their interest before you even make your offer?  By  “pre-qualifying” the people to which you present it.  Use inbound marketing strategies such as paid search, video marketing, and article writing, that target people who are actively seeking a solution like the one you’re promising to deliver.

 2. Do they WANT to believe in your promise?

This is the emotional piece of the puzzle.  Your offer must promise to do more than simply solve a problem; it must promise to make their lives better in some clear, tangible, and highly desirable way.  They should be able to envision how their lives will be improved after using your product or service and yearn to make that vision a reality.


If anyone wanted to believe a promise, it was little Agnes. And Gru, the World’s Greatest Villain, delivered, establishing trust. See? Movies are real!

3. Can you deliver on your promise?

A promise only works as long as it hasn’t been broken.  Don’t make promises you can’t keep because someone who has put their faith in you only to be disappointed won’t make the same mistake twice, and they’ll warn all their friends away from you as well.

But the converse is also true.  When you are able to over-deliver on your promise and give people more than they asked for they will eagerly become your biggest fans.

If you’re evaluating your marketing plan and you answer “yes” when you ask yourself these three questions, you are in awesome shape.   You’ll find it’s easier to convert browsers into buyers.  You will also probably find your retention is increased as well.  You have established trust with your customers by way of your promise!

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