Gosh, can you believe we’re almost halfway through 2022? 

And now that we’re on the cusp of the second half of the year, I feel massively tempted to ask what your Q2 goals were, and whether you’ve accomplished them. 

…But I won’t.

Why? Well, to put it simply: no matter your answer, you can still crush it!

This week’s post will teach you immediately actionable strategies to boost your revenue in the coming weeks, so you can finish Q2 as strong as you’ve planned… or even stronger.

So: if you have managed to hit your goals after all… good for you! This article will help you amplify that success beyond what you’ve thought possible.

And if you haven’t hit your desired results yet — don’t fret. Today, I’ll show you how to inject some (or honestly, a lot of!) new revenue into your business before Q2 is over.

Read on, and you will learn:

  • Top 2 strategies to add 30+ percent to your bottom line, with the customers you already have — that’s right, you don’t have to spend a cent to acquire new ones!
  • How to generate monster revenue by attracting people who stopped buying from you, or leads that grew cold (it’s super simple!)
  • The #1 sales method ignored by online entrepreneurs… that can double or triple your business when implemented correctly.
  • The most underrated growth lever in any industry — and how to finally make it work for your business.

And more.

So, let’s dive in while we still have a few more weeks left in Q2!

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1. Upsell existing customers and hot prospects

There are only three ways to grow any business:

  1. Get more customers / clients
  2. Increase your revenue from each sale
  3. Increase customer lifetime value

Now, I’m sure that you’re already working plenty hard on #1… but what about the other two? It’s at least 5x easier to sell to an existing customer, or upsell an eager prospect, than to find, nurture, and convert a brand-new buyer!

So if you’re looking to supercharge your sales before Q2 is over, that’s where you want to focus on.

Here are 2 simple and immediately effective strategies you could implement:

1. Create and test a 3-tier pricing structure for your offer. This is especially powerful for selling services, but it can work with products, too! 

The basic idea is this: implement 3 different packages for your offer, with increasing value and price. E.g. a basic package for $499, a premium package for $999, and an all-out super premium one for $1,999.

Why does this work better than having one pricing option? Because, when prospects have three different options to choose from, they don’t think, “Should I buy this?”

…and instead, they think, “Which one should I buy?” That’s a powerful mental shift proven to boost sales.

(Plus, those people who can pay a premium now have the option to do so. They get more value… and YOU get more revenue from the same number of customers!)

2. Upsell current customers or clients. If someone has bought from you before, they are more likely to do it again.

So why not be proactive about it and reach out to your existing customers with a compelling offer?

Your upsell could be as simple as asking them to place another order with you, or set up a monthly / annual subscription. And to make it more tempting, you can absolutely throw in a discount!

You could also pitch something more sophisticated: an added service, a different product that they might like, or a special bundle you put together just for them!

Honestly, I could write a whole separate blog post just on upsells… *freeze frame, record scratch* Oh wait, I totally did — here it is! Check it out for more ideas on how to make more revenue without acquiring more customers.

2. Recapture ex-buyers / leads that fell through

What if I told you that you had access to an untapped treasure trove of potential buyers, right at your fingertips? Two treasure troves, even!

Of course, I’m talking about:

1. Qualified leads who showed interest in your offer but slipped through the cracks.


2. Past customers who used to do business with you but stopped (for any reason).

Now, you might be thinking, “Come on, Summer, they obviously decided that my solution wasn’t a good fit for them. How is this a good use of my team’s time and resources?”

And to that I say, respectfully: you’re wrong.

Leads fall through all the time — it’s what they do. People have a billion concerns on their mind and memories hole-ier than a hunk of Swiss cheese. Of course they forget about your offer and disappear into thin air! That’s normal.

It’s up to you to follow up and reconnect and gently lead them back to the sale. The majority of conversions happen on the back end, as a result of persistent and consistent communication.

So if you haven’t already, implement a recurring follow-up process with your sales team — or better yet, automate it and make it a part of your marketing funnel. You’ll be amazed how many more high-quality leads you can convert when you take follow up seriously!

…Alright, so what about the other category — past buyers? I’m glad you asked!

People who used to do business with you are actually pretty darn easy to bring back (unless they had a horrible customer experience, in which case… oops). Wanna know how to reclaim them?

It’s simple: offer them a limited time, one time only deal that’s just too good to ignore.

For example, you could pitch…

  1. A ridiculously deep discount on the product or service they’ve bought from you before.
  2. A free upgrade to your most expensive pricing tier if they buy at any other tier.
  3. A stunningly valuable freebie they can’t purchase or get in other ways.
  4. A bonus product / service from another company you’ve partnered with.


The only two conditions for success are: a) your offer must be jaw-droppingly valuable — no mediocrity allowed! — and b) you have to offer it for a limited time only. Think 48 hours, 5 days, or one week. The more authentic urgency and scarcity you can create, the better!


3. Convert with casual customer conversations

Imagine this:

What if, instead of roping prospects into lengthy 30-plus-minute sales calls, or asking them to read novel-length sales pages, you could just… talk to them? And still get the sale?

Well, you can! 

See, the online marketing world has conditioned us to think about sales in terms of two polar opposite options.

Option A. You should sell 100% on autopilot, as low-touch as possible. Nurture people with automated messages, then drop ‘em on the sales page and pray.

Option B. Lavish each prospect with one-on-one attention, investing a ton of time into sales calls and relentlessly pressuring them to decide ASAP whether they want to buy or not.

But there’s an entire universe of — let’s call it “mid-touch” marketing and sales — in between these two extremes! Because believe it or not, there are hordes of top-quality buyers out there who don’t fancy reading through a giant sales page, or listening to a half-hour-long sales pitch on a call.

They’d rather just talk things out over email, DMs, or text.

It’s much more personalized than a sales page, a lot less commitment-heavy than a sales call…

…but still more than sufficient to qualify a prospect, get them giddy about your offer, and cinch that deal!

Casual convos with potential customers can be a massive driver of conversions and sales. Even if they don’t replace your usual sales channels (sales pages and/or calls), they can and will enhance your existing system.

So here’s what you wanna do to take advantage of them:

  • Set up conversation “triggers” that will help you engage high-probability prospects early on in their customer journey. E.g. send them a personalized DM when they follow your brand on Instagram, or an autoresponder email when they download a lead magnet, or a simple 1-question survey when they subscribe.
  • Segment and prioritize the most active leads. Regular interactions with your brand are usually a sign of eager potential buyers. So, once a lead has reached a certain threshold of activity, you can poke them with an automated message — and then follow up manually if they respond.
  • Implement a simple 4-step sales formula to help you qualify prospects and make the offer. I’ve created this one with sales calls in mind, but it can absolutely work for customer conversations, too!

Even if you don’t do anything to optimize your main sales pipeline, this strategy alone can add dozens of dream-fit buyers to your business! And just like every other technique I’ve described, it’s evergreen and useful all year round, not just in Q2.

But I gotta say, I’ve saved the best for last… *wink*


4. Buck up and pop the question… of referrals

OK, I’m gonna give it to you straight and upfront.

If you aren’t asking your audience for referrals, you are sleeping on the most powerful growth lever in your business! One that…

  • Organically attracts perfect-fit prospects into your orbit — no need to look for ‘em far and wide on every platform in existence.
  • Doesn’t require any extra marketing spend (unlike many other acquisition channels!).
  • Is readily scalable, repeatable, and applicable to any industry: physical products, services, SaaS, memberships, digital products, literally anything.

So, wanna transform your business into an unstoppable juggernaut of revenue-generating, market-dominating goodness?

Then here’s a quick-n-dirty referral marketing crash course for you…

Step 1. Decide who you want to attract. Would you like lots of low-probability referrals, like new email subscribers — or a handful of high-probability referrals (qualified potential buyers)? 

There’s no right answer here, but a useful rule of thumb is:

Do you sell premium offers with limited spots available and longer sales cycles? Then it’s better to grab a select few people who may be the perfect fit. One 6-figure prospect primed to love what you do is more valuable to you than hundreds of unqualified leads!

Do you sell lower-priced offers at scale? Then volume is king. The more leads you can generate without having to pay for them or work too hard, the better.

Step 2. Strategize your referral pitch. Think about the channel you want to use — email, text, phone calls, in-person conversations etc. — and who you want to contact: past customers, email subscribers, current clients and so on.

(The #1 guideline is, the bigger the request, the more intimate the channel you want to use, and the closer your relationship needs to be.)

You also want to consider the incentive, as in: what are you prepared to offer people in exchange for referring potential buyers to you?

Step 3. Craft and implement your referral messages. This applies not just to the content of your pitch email / text message / call script etc…

…but also any resources you want to give to those referring people to you.

Think about it: the easier you make it on them, the more eager they will be to get out there and pitch people on your behalf. So the least you can do is prepare some useful templates for them!

Additionally, you must implement a two-pronged strategy for this step. First, contact your current customers or clients and ask them for referrals. And secondarily, touch base with past buyers and — you guessed it! — ask them for referrals, too.

To be honest, this step alone could be an article in itself. So I’m going to refer you (pun intended) to another guide I wrote a while back: 

Read this post to learn how to craft persuasive referral messages, create irresistible incentives, and strategically target referrals based on your business model and goals.


Beyond Q2 — how to secure abundant sales 24/7/365

So far, I’ve shared with you some of the most effective sales and marketing strategies (that I know of, anyway!) for growing your revenue in the short term. Implement them now, and your quarterly goals will not know what hit them!

But for any entrepreneur, it’s vital to be able to see and pursue the big picture.

It’s not just about this quarter that’s staring you in the face… it’s also about every quarter after that — for as long as your company exists.

With that long-term view in mind, you want to make a truly strategic investment in the growth and prosperity of your business.

You want to set up an evergreen channel attracting your ideal customers on complete autopilot; nurturing them with amazing value, and positioning your company apart and above all competition; dazzling them with the life-changing possibilities of your product or service; and converting them with confidence and authenticity.

In other words… you want a high-converting video marketing funnel.

Imagine having a persuasive video asset promoting your message to potential buyers round the clock. Imagine deploying perfectly optimized ads to drive high-grade traffic to that video, 24/7. And imagine using a high-converting landing page to capture those leads and plug them into your funnel, ready to be sold!

You can achieve all that for your business — without filming a single second of footage, or ever stepping in front of the camera. Here’s how…

My team at The Draw Shop will happily design, produce, and deploy your custom video marketing funnel for you! We’ll handle the ads, the video, the landing page — everything. All you need to do is tell us about your company and your offer, sit back, and relax while we do all the work!

You can start seeing ROI from our bespoke video marketing funnel in as little as 30 days… and for the entire lifecycle of your business! Just imagine how much additional revenue it could generate for you.

Want to know more? Then book a short strategy call with a member of my marketing team here — and let’s get to work!

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