5 Ways to Turn Your Content Into High-Impact Marketing Videos

Sometimes, content marketing feels like a crapshoot. For most businesses, the process looks something like this: 

Step 1. Come up with an idea 

Step 2. Create the content 

Step 3. Hope for the best 

That, right there, is the perfect recipe… for disaster. Well, if your definition of “disaster” includes creating a ton of mediocre content that fails to give you the ROI you’re looking for!

As a business owner, you can’t afford to play guessing games with your content. Especially not with video — it takes too much time, money, and energy to produce.

Well, don’t play guessing games!

Instead, bet on topics and ideas that you know will do well… because they already have. Take your existing, successful content, and repurpose it into effective marketing videos that grow your business.

In today’s article, we’re going to show you 5 ways to breathe new life into old content and turn it into high-converting videos to help you with:

  • Driving traffic
  • Lead generation
  • Nurturing prospects
  • Delighting customers

And more.

So: what kind of content do you have at hand right now that would make for a kick-butt video? Let’s find out…

The image shows The Draw Shop's mascot, ROIVid, dressed up as Superman and doing a 'superhero landing' onto the ground. There are city buildings in the background and ROIVid exclaims "5!"

1. Turn customer testimonials and reviews into video ads

Fact: when you’re the one saying nice things about your brand, potential customers will take everything they hear with a grain of salt.

But if that praise comes from other customers… it comes across as more trustworthy!


Do you have any video testimonials from past customers lying around? How about some glowing reviews — from your website or a third-party platform like Amazon?

Awesome! Choose the ones that highlight your product or service in the best way possible, and create a video ad. This will give you a powerful marketing asset that you can use to:

  • Generate leads through PPC ads, or better yet…
  • Retarget the prospects that slipped through the cracks

Alternatively, pick the absolute biggest success story from the past, reconnect with the customer who shared it with you — and create an in-depth video case study. This won’t work as an ad because of length, but you can deploy it on your landing page, About page, product page, or even in an email to your list!

2. Create companion videos for your reports and whitepapers

This strategy is especially helpful if you’re in a B2B space and you’re producing lots of research-heavy, specialized content.

Because let’s be honest: this whole “being a thought leader in your industry” thing sure is tough, eh? You invest tons of time, money, and effort into authoritative content like whitepapers and reports… 

…but that’s just half the battle. The really tricky part is getting people to engage with that content!

That’s where video can help. Here’s how:

  • Create a video summarizing the key points of your whitepaper or report. It doesn’t have to include everything — just 3-4 most surprising or valuable insights.
  • Promote the heck out of this video and use it as a “free sample” that entices people into reading the primary content. You can gate the whitepaper/report behind an opt-in form and capture leads for your business that way!

You can also create a longer, more in-depth video and use it as a “companion piece” to the main content. That way, you’re giving people a choice of how to engage with your message — your potential customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

(Plus, you can still edit the long video down into a shorter trailer or a highlight reel to use for driving traffic.)

3. Curate old videos into playlists and roundups

This strategy is by far the easiest to implement. You don’t even need to create any new videos!

All you need is to organize your existing video content in a way that makes it easy for people to discover it — and watch it. You can achieve it in two ways:

  • Organize your videos into playlists on different topics. That way, your older content will be more visible and accessible to viewers. And if they’re interested enough in a particular topic, they will happily go down the rabbit hole you’ve so helpfully dug out for them!
  • Curate and post roundups of your best videos on your website or blog. You can then share those posts on social media, send them to your email subscribers, or promote them however else you want.

This will help you build long-term engagement with viewers as they discover and binge your old videos. And the more times potential customers interact with your brand, the more opportunities you will get to reach them at just the right time to convert!

4. Repurpose your popular blog posts into videos

Do you have an old blog post (or several) that your audience loved back when it came out? Well, all that content can still help you grow your business now!

Breathe new life into your old blog posts by turning them into videos: for Insta, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, your YouTube channel, or any other video-friendly platform you’re using. This works especially well with listicle-type posts that cover multiple tips, tactics, or examples.

Decide on a style that works for you: whiteboard animation, motion graphics, presentation with voiceover, kinetic typography etc. — and rework the content you already have into an effective script.

That means:

  • Making an attention-grabbing introduction. Try to make the first 5 seconds of the video as engaging as possible, so the viewer can’t help but keep watching.
  • Editing down the key points you’d like to convey. It helps to read your script out loud multiple times to make sure it flows naturally. If something doesn’t sound good when you read it out loud, then it won’t sound good in the finished video!
  • Adding a call to action or a simple outro at the end. Even a tiny ask like sharing the video, leaving a comment, or clicking a link goes a long way.

And if you have more than one blog post you’d like to repurpose, you can even create a video template to reuse in the future whenever you need it!

5. Turn FAQs and customer support replies into videos

Show of hands: who here enjoys reading company policies or interacting with customer service? 

No one? Well, duh! The thing is, even if they help to solve a problem, these interactions still contribute to friction and make customers hesitant to buy from you again.

So what’s the answer? Give your customers the tools to solve their own problems — by converting your go-to customer support answers and policies into easy-to-understand videos. This will free up your team’s bandwidth to deal with the really tricky cases, or simply dedicate more personal attention to everyone who reaches out.

You can even go one step further and turn your onboarding emails, helpdesk articles, and other written resources into videos, too! This will help new buyers get more out of your product or service early on, and increase the chances that they stick around and become long-term repeat customers.

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