5 Types of ROI-Boosting Videos Your Business Should Make


If you want to invest in video marketing, then you’re probably wondering: 

“What kind of marketing video will drive the biggest ROI for my business?” 

You see all kinds of companies starting YouTube channels, posting video content every week, creating overproduced social videos and whatnot. So, understandably, you might be feeling a bit uncertain. 

Is this the only way to do it? Should you commit to outputting tons of marketing videos — even before you know if they will work for you?

Not at all! 

In fact, if you’re new to video marketing, then please don’t try to copy what big-name brands are doing. There are way simpler and more effective ways to get the results you’re looking for.

And today, I’m going to show you what they are.

In this week’s article, I’ll share with you 5 types of marketing videos that will grow your business — no matter what industry you’re in. You don’t need to create them on the regular, each of them can be reused and repurposed as much as you want… and all of them have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Sound good? Excellent — then let’s get to it!

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1. Product / service explainer video


In today’s marketing landscape, the success of your offer hinges on your ability to communicate its awesomeness as quickly as possible — and in a way that’s impossible to misunderstand.

That’s where explainer videos shine. They can help you break down even the most innovative and sophisticated product or service, and get your customers excited to try it, in just a few minutes.

Being able to do that, even in an overcrowded market, is an actual superpower!

That’s why I always recommend explainer videos to businesses that want to get started with video marketing. They don’t require any kind of consistent output, they have a direct impact on sales, and they can work for any company in any industry.

Nothing else even comes close in terms of ROI!

To create an effective explainer video for your product or service, make sure that:

  • It leads with the #1 problem your customers have
  • It introduces your product or service as the solution
  • It breaks down how your solution works, step by step
  • It counters the common objections your audience might have
  • It compels viewers to take action and move down your sales funnel

As long as you can hit those beats, you can make a high-converting explainer video that attracts your ideal customers!


2. Brand story video


Let me get this out of the way first:

You do not have to be an innovative, one-of-a-kind company to share your story with the world. It’s not some kind of right that you have to earn! In fact, it’s just the opposite: you need to be telling your story… even if you think it’s unremarkable.

Why? Because your industry is crowded, and your customers need a reason to choose you over the competition. If you ask me, that’s more than enough!

To try your hand at brand storytelling, start with the most basic narrative there is — the origin story of your business. Make a video about it and feature it on the About page of your website… which is the 2nd most visited page on most sites, I’ll have you know!

And if you need more ideas, check out this article sharing 5 simple yet powerful formats for brand storytelling. And yes, they even work for “boring” companies!

Pro tip: even though your brand story video is “officially” about your company… it’s actually about your customers. So when you’re making it, focus on answering one all-important question — how does your business help your target audience? And build your entire video around that!


3. Customer case study / testimonial video


How can you prove to potential customers that your product or service can give them the results they’re looking for?

It’s simple, really. All you need to do is share your past track record of success. There’s nothing quite so powerful as having other people sing praises about your brand!

Make it a habit to collect video testimonials from each satisfied customer, and create an entire library of results. And if you have a particularly impressive transformation to share, make sure to turn it into an in-depth video case study.

These will go a long way to persuade your prospects that working with you is the right call.

Make sure that these videos include:

  • A quick summary of what your customer’s life was like before they invested in your product or service
  • A few key ways in which your offer helped solve their problems.
  • And finally — a description of what your customer’s life is like now, after they already benefited from your solution.

There are many, many ways to deploy these videos in your marketing. You can put them on your sales page, turn them into social video content, feature them in blog posts, and more. 

They will become one of your most valuable marketing assets — so start creating them now!


4. Hiring / recruitment video


Hiring is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses — big or small. A single bad hire can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars, or more!

Anything that helps you find and recruit the right people for your business will deliver massive ROI down the line. And video makes for an incredibly effective recruiting tool!

So the next time you have to fill an open position, don’t just put up a text-only job post… create a hiring video instead. And in that video, make sure that you:

  • Communicate your company values and requirements, so you attract the right people and repel anyone who’s not a good fit.
  • Capture what it’s like to work with you and for you — again, in order to attract the right candidates.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition (as in, other employers), in order to give job seekers a reason to choose your brand over others.

Pro tip: You can make an all-purpose recruitment video that communicates your company values, hiring philosophy, perks of working for you etc. — and feature it in every job posting going forward.

I suggest that you look at hiring as just another marketing campaign. Your goal is to convey the right message, to the right people, at the right time… and video is your best bet for doing that!


5. Onboarding videos


Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any business. If you want your company to thrive in the long run, your #1 focus needs to be on taking one-off buyers…

…and turning them into customers for life!

Now, there are lots of steps to this process — but it starts with effective onboarding.

Onboarding is simply the process of helping your customers to “get to know” your product or service. That means:

  • Affirming their purchasing decision to prevent “buyer’s remorse”
  • Setting expectations for the results your customers can accomplish
  • Teaching them how to make the most of your product or service
  • Showing them how to solve problems and troubleshoot if needed

Video is the best format to communicate all these messages, hands down.

A series of onboarding videos — or heck, even one well-crafted video! — can help you deliver a 5-star customer experience at scale, without overextending your team in the process. And guess what? If your customers have an awesome experience right off the bat, they’re much more likely to stick around.

And that’s what makes onboarding videos such a smart business investment!


Create a high-converting explainer video for your business


Now that you’ve read all the way to the end (thank you for that, by the way!), you’re probably wondering:

“So what type of marketing video should I create first? What if I can only do one — which of these 5 should I prioritize?”

My answer is: explainer videos. One hundred percent.

Explainer videos are memorable, persuasive, and versatile – and they’re the single best way to communicate expertise and credibility for your brand and your offer.

Over the years, we’ve created hundreds of high-converting animated explainer videos for brands across dozens of industries. Education, biotech, manufacturing, finance, coaching, real estate, petroleum, pest control – you name it, we’ve done it!

And our results speak for themselves.

We invite you to take advantage of our genius marketers, silver-tongued copywriters, and absurdly talented artists and videographers to create an explainer video you’d be proud of.

We used to do only whiteboard animation – not anymore! Now you can work with us to create awesome marketing videos in a variety of styles:

  • Live action
  • Motion graphics and cartoon animations
  • Virtual Reality Animation
  • Digital stop motion animation
  • 2D character animation

And more.

Interested? Then click here to get a risk-free quote and tell us about your dream explainer video — and one of our marketing experts will get back to you post-haste!

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