Marketing a service-based business is much more challenging than it seems. 

It’s not enough to just say, “Hey, we’ll power wash your driveway for $XXX!” — and brace for an army of new clients to take you by storm.

No, you’ll have to deal with questions like…

“Why should you power wash my driveway, and not Company X?”

“How will you do it to make sure you get every last piece of dirt out?”

“I can just do it myself for free, so why should I even hire you guys?”

And so many more.

Plus, if you sell a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind service? Hoo boy, you’ll have to put even more effort into explaining yourself!

But if you’re gonna explain yourself anyway, it’s much better to do it only once, right? Then you just can refer leads to your explanation again and again, and convert them into paying clients. And if that’s your plan, then you will love today’s article!

Because this week, I’m going to show you how to create a compelling, high-converting explainer video for your service-based business. You will learn:

  • The optimal way to start your service explainer. And no: you should not start by introducing your offer, your brand, or both
  • The #1 “story beat” your video needs to hit before you can unveil your offer (most entrepreneurs put it off until the end — they are wrong)
  • Why clients don’t want to pay you what you’re worth, and how to fix it in your explainer video, easily
  • 3 strategies to end your video in the most compelling way imaginable, no matter what kind of service you sell

And much more. Let’s dive in!

Pictured: blond man wearing chef's hat and apron over a business suit is presenting in front of a camera with a frying pan in his hand

1. Lead with your client’s burning pain point

Your clients care about one thing, and one thing only… solving their problems. Mentally, that’s where they are when watching your explainer video; so that’s where you want to meet them!

At the start of your video, talk to the viewer about their #1 problem. Remind them of all the ways it’s making their life tangibly worse — both in a general, big-picture sense, and in small everyday ways.

Don’t just remind your prospects that the problem exists. Make them feel its impact in their bones. This achieves 2 important things:

  • It shows potential clients that you understand their struggle intimately, and builds a strong emotional connection.
  • It hooks the viewer immediately, and keeps them watching. Why? Because they want to discover the solution!

But before we even get to the solution, you want to…


2. Tease them with the desired outcome

Don’t be all doom and gloom, though — show your prospects that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, too.

After you’ve talked about the problem and its impact on your viewers’ lives, remind them what “the ‘after’ picture” can look like. In broad strokes, describe the life they want to have, but can’t seem to achieve… not until they’ve solved that pesky problem!

Now, putting your viewers through this kind of an emotional seesaw might seem counterintuitive. But actually, it’s crucial to building a persuasive video. First, you’ve shown them where they are; then, you’ve reminded them where they want to be.

…So what is there left to do now? That’s right — bridge the gap using your awesome offer!


3. Introduce your service as THE solution

At this point in your explainer video, you want to reveal your service-based offer as the thing that will get your prospect from Point A (struggling) to Point B (thriving!).

For now, all you want to do is introduce your service at a high level. Keep it simple: name-drop your company, say who you serve, and what you can help them achieve — and that’s going to be more than enough. For extra credit and persuasive power, you can also emphasize your unique differentiator that separates your business from the competition.

It’s OK to keep your brand / service introduction short and sweet like that. It doesn’t need to pull 100% of the weight in your explainer video. Why? Because the most compelling part comes immediately after!

Speaking of…


4. Break down your signature process

Here’s the truth: clients will flock to your business only if they can clearly see the value of what you do. To have a thriving service business, you want to:

  1. Show your work by breaking down each step of your unique process, and…
  2. Explain how that work delivers benefits and results your clients care about

I can’t stress enough just how key this is to attracting high-paying clients. If people don’t fully understand the scope of your work, and how it helps to solve their problems — and make their life easier! — they won’t convert.

They won’t engage with your content, they won’t buy from you… 

…and they most certainly won’t stick around and refer other clients to you.

That’s why explaining your signature process with clarity is the most important thing you can do to ensure your explainer video gets results!


5. Address and reverse potential risk

After hearing about your unique process, viewers might have objections or follow-up questions about potential risk, and things that could go wrong.

That’s a good thing! It shows that your prospects are thinking carefully about your offer, and weighing all the pros and cons.

At this juncture, your job is to reassure them as much as you can. Take their most common objections and counter them decisively. Put forward an amazing guarantee that makes saying yes a no-brainer. Provide social proof that your service works like a charm.

Honest, upfront risk reversal is one of the best ways to boost conversions for your explainer video. Nothing scares clients away more than ignoring or dismissing their concerns — so if you tackle them head-on and with integrity, you will have a much better chance of earning your prospects’ trust and business!


6. End with a clear, specific call to action

As obvious as this final step is, I still see so many explainer videos that get it wrong. You can’t afford to be vague and generic when attracting clients for your service-based business. Clarity = profit, remember?

So here’s a little primer about how you want to cap off your explainer:

  1. If you can, give viewers an incentive to take action — e.g. offer them a free assessment or consultation.
  2. Focus on the next most immediate step — clicking a link, filling out a form, calling the number on the screen, etc.
  3. Reinforce your call to action in every way you can — with visuals, audio, and the surrounding copy / design.

Don’t forget: your explainer video is only as strong as its end CTA. So make sure you can harness all that energy you’ve built up in your viewers and channel it into conversions!


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