10 Super-Short but Awesome Marketing Videos to Inspire You


If you want to get started with video marketing, you might feel like you have to do something capital-B Big.

You know, like a 3-minute explainer video that lays out everything there is to know about your unique process. Or an in-depth tutorial on using your newest product that you’re so proud of.

But let’s face it: while long-form content can be incredibly impressive — and effective — it’s not always the perfect fit for everyone.

Maybe your audience doesn’t want to sit through videos that are 3+ minutes long… 

Or maybe your offer and market don’t have many opportunities for long-form content… 

Or you just don’t have the budget to produce something big yet.

Well, as you’re about to see, short-form video content can be just as impressive — and most importantly, just as effective! 

For today’s article, we had one goal in mind:

To inspire you with real examples of funny, delightful, persuasive, and thoughtful marketing videos… as long as they’re under 1 minute long.

We’ll take a look at each video and explain what makes it great — and give you one takeaway to apply in your video marketing. 

Actually, that sounds like two goals. So be it!

Let’s dive right in with one of our favorite examples…

10 short marketing video examples

1. Create a lovable, inspiring character (Dos Equis)

Dos Equis beer commercials were a viral sensation back in the day. They created a larger-than-life character, “the most interesting man in the world,” and used his persona to sell their product. He was so beloved that the actor went on to do other commercials — like this tequila ad — as the same character. Talk about iconic!

The Takeaway: 9 times out of 10, characters in marketing videos represent the target audience as they are now. And it’s a perfectly fine way to tell your story. But your videos can be even more memorable if you go one step further and craft a character that your target market aspires to be. Or at least someone they would enjoy hanging out with, like the most interesting man in the world! Who needs celebrity endorsements when you can create an epic character from scratch, right?

2. Have a lot of data to share? Storify it! (Mosquito Shield)

We created this ad for a service-based business that specializes in pest control. We needed to illustrate just how fast mosquitos can breed — and naturally, there were lots of big numbers involved. So we did the only thing that made sense… by creating a love story.

The Takeaway: if your message features a lot of data, facts, and figures, don’t deliver them straight. That’s a recipe for a snoozefest! Instead, storify them. Putting all those numbers and facts into the context of a story will make your message much more engaging and memorable. And that’s just one of the many benefits of storytelling!

3. Try and tell your story with visuals alone (Stout Hoodie)

This 30-second ad is all about a hoodie with a pocket… and it’s amazing. It has visuals and music only — there’s no narration at all. And it still manages to tell a coherent story in half a minute (and a few busted beer bottles). 

The Takeaway: when you’re trying to make a short, effective video, visuals are more important than voiceover. After all, even the best voice talent can only read so fast. So if you have time constraints, try to convey your message with visuals only — and maybe some captions if you’re feeling adventurous!

4. Show your product in glorious action (Training Mask 3.0)

Who doesn’t love a good training montage? And this ad is just that — a highlight reel of some kick-butt workouts set to heart-pumping tunes. It shows off the product in a really cool way, using a variety of scenarios: running, strength training, bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, and more. It’s the perfect answer to the inevitable “how does this product work?” question that every potential buyer wants to know!

The Takeaway: you know how infomercials always focus on different ways to use the product, even if they’re sometimes goofy and ridiculous? Well, clearly it’s working — because infomercials are a $200+ billion market! You can take the page from their playbook and create a marketing video that shows off your product in action. For extra credit, make it look extremely cool! Show your target customers that they could do it, too — and look just as awesome in the process.

5. Share proven results from using your product (8fit)

This Instagram-friendly ad is for a mobile fitness app. It manages to deliver a full-blown case study in just 30 seconds, walking the viewer through a 12-week fitness transformation. Note how the video highlights the emotions of the heroine and the positive impact the app has made on her life beyond weight loss (we’ll talk more about about this last part later).

The Takeaway: sometimes showing your product in action is complicated — or maybe you’ve done it a few times before. In that case, show the results. Give your target audience a taste of the positive transformation they can achieve by accepting your offer. It doesn’t even have to be huge! In fact, sometimes modest results are more persuasive because they feel more “realistic” and attainable to your customers.

6. When in doubt, start with the problem (Wag)

This marketing video is a for a dog walking app, and it’s pretty much the perfect explainer. In one minute, it conveys authority and credibility, addresses unspoken objections (Who are the walkers? Are they qualified? Will you know where the dog is?), and demonstrates how the app works from start to finish. But it does something else, too — it starts with a problem.

The Takeaway: the first question your audience has is always, “What’s in it for me?” Why should they care about your product? Starting with a problem, and explaining how it impacts their life, is the best way to answer that question. This video does it brilliantly. It even appeals to the viewer’s emotions by saying how “a day without a walk is a sad day for your dog!”

7. Don’t be afraid of bite-sized edutainment (Top Pups)

As long as we’re on the topic of dogs… here’s another short animated video that has something to teach you. Full disclosure: we made this one, too! It’s extremely simple: just 3 fun facts about dogs that make any dog-owner go “awww” and feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Then, it ends with a simple call to action that invites viewers to learn some more dog facts or to check out organic dog food. 

The Takeaway: you don’t need to always teach your viewers something groundbreaking and life-changing. First of all, it’s impossible. Second of all, most people just want to be entertained and feel good. So inject a healthy dose of entertainment into your educational content, and don’t be too salesy with your marketing videos. It’s all about building a relationship and making a positive impression!

8. Use the kind of humor your audience will like (Squarespace)

OK, this commercial is a little weird. It starts off cute: a couple is planning their wedding, figuring things out as they go along. Then the woman starts having second thoughts about the whole thing, and the wedding party suddenly becomes a “flexible arrangement party” — oops! And the Squarespace logo keeps popping up throughout. So… what makes it work, exactly? Humor!

The Takeaway: using humor can do wonders for your marketing message. If you know your audience, then you have a pretty good idea about what they find funny. Use that knowledge to your advantage and create videos that make your viewers laugh. Plus, even if the jokes fall flat, there’s still value in humor. For example, we thought this ad was more weird than funny — yet it was still memorable enough that we wanted to include it in the article!

9. Make it all about the benefits, not features (Grammarly)

Grammarly ads never fail to impress. They consistently pull off something very remarkable — they take a boring-as-dirt concept (a spell-checking app? Yawn!) and connect it to the things people actually care about. You know, like being understood, getting ahead in their career, looking good to others… the important things in life.

The Takeaway: focus your marketing message on benefits, rather than features, of your product or service. Don’t tell people what your product does — instead, communicate how it will help them. Here’s a good way of doing this: whenever you want to mention a feature, ask yourself, “So what?” Keep asking this question until you arrive at an answer that your target customers actually want to hear!

10. Anticipate and remove objections (Chef Shamy Gourmet Butter)

This is a whiteboard ad for a gourmet butter delivery service, made by The Draw Shop (that’s us!) Now, it’s not immediately obvious, but the entire ad is structured around sales objections. Ordering gourmet butter online is a bit of a leap for most people, so we had to get creative and paint it as a mouth-watering, healthy, and delicious alternative — not just to regular store-bought butter, but competing products like vegetable oil. So we made a list of all the potential concerns viewers might have and tackled them in a logical order.

The Takeaway: always create your marketing videos with the client’s potential objections in mind. You don’t always need to structure the entire video around them, but you do need to acknowledge the biggest ones and counter them as you go. For example, our video follows a natural progression from the big things like, “Isn’t butter supposed to be bad for you?” to the smaller, product-specific things like, “What if my kids hate it?” and “What if I order a bunch and it all goes rancid?” Amazing work… if we do say so ourselves!

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