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Well… On second thought, you probably want more context, don’t you?

Specifically, you’d like to know how animated video for business can grow your company. So let’s talk about it right now!

Looking at the big picture, there are only three ways to do that:

  1. Get more paying customers.
  2. Boost your average sale value.
  3. Increase your customer lifetime value.

And in today’s article, we’ll examine how an animated business video aligns with all three of those goals. So let’s do it!

1. How to get more customers with an animated business video

Do you need more paying customers?

That was a rhetorical question – of course you do. Lack of sales is the #1 reason businesses fail, and most of your sales will come from first-time buyers. So if you want more of those, here’s one way to attract them with animated business video…

Consider creating a top-notch explainer video for your homepage or your main landing page. Something that conveys your message and your unique value proposition in a clear, crisp way. It seems like an obvious piece of advice to give, but the results could be astounding.

Here’s a great example:

One of our clients, Mimic Technologies, hired us to create a whiteboard animation video to promote their brand. Within just 45 days of adding it to their homepage, Mimic Technologies received a $250,000 boost to their annual revenue!

When done right, an animated video for business can act as a 24/7 client attraction machine for your product or service. If you’d like to learn more about how Mimic Technologies was able to achieve this remarkable success, check out this case study.


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2. Maximize your average deal value using an animated video

One of the keys to increasing revenue is getting as many customers as possible to spend more on each purchase.

You can achieve that in a variety of ways, like increasing your prices, asking people to upgrade to a higher tier of product or service, or introducing upsells and cross-sells that are valuable to your customers.

Here’s how animated video can help you accomplish these goals:

  • Let’s say that you want to increase prices for your product or service. You can create an animated business video that explains the new pricing structure and conveys the benefits to your customers.
  • Or maybe you are introducing a new, premium-priced offer. Having a video that positions it in a clear, irresistible way can boost your conversion rates and make sure that as many people as possible decide to switch to it – either as an upsell or the default offer.
  • If you’re charging customers on a monthly basis, your single biggest source of revenue is going to be those people who upgrade to an annual plan. Persuading them to do so, even at a discount, is not a trivial task. You can create an animated business video that gives an extra nudge to those customers who have paid for their first month.

Finally, here’s how you can maximize the value of each existing customer…

3. Increase customer lifetime value with an animated video for business

Reducing customer churn and increasing the lifetime value of each new customer is the single biggest factor in your business success. Sadly, most brands have to deal with higher than average refund rates, attrition, and losing customers to the competition.

(We didn’t mean for that to rhyme, it just happened. Sorry.)

One way to ensure that each new customer sticks with you for longer is to “get them while they’re hot” – namely, right after they make the first purchase.

This is where the value of great onboarding becomes apparent. If you can validate that your customer’s decision to spend money on your product or service was a great idea, and show them exactly how to extract the most benefit from it, you’ll increase retention and boost revenue for the long term.

The easiest way to do that is by creating an animated business video for onboarding. Something that would guide your new customers through the initial frustrations they might face with your product or service.

Even a perfect product has downsides and can cause problems to first-time buyers. If they are forced to deal with them without any guidance and assistance, the whole thing will leave a bitter taste in their mouth, and might cause them to stop buying from you. A rock-solid onboarding video will make sure it doesn’t happen!

If you want to learn more about onboarding customers with animated video, check out this article.

Let’s create an animated business video you’ll be proud of

Yes, whiteboard animation videos are normally our “thing”… but guess what – we make awesome animations of all kinds, too! Just check out our animation samples here.

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