Self PromotionYou know the drill by now…if you want your free content to be valued and shared, you need to make it helpful, generous and useful for people.

Okay, fine…but…we all know that ultimately our “payment” for the content we create is going to come in the form of promoting our own brand.

This begs the nagging question, how can I promote myself in my own content? I mean, no one is going to believe praise that’s both from me, as well as about me, right?

But the truth is, there are ways to pull it off. Here are just a few…

1. Make it super specific.

General statements like “we’re the best…most creative…fastest…” are tough to sell. But you certainly can say that you’ve won a specific award, completed a certain project before deadline, or helped a particular client grow their sales by 15%.

2. Use testimonials.

Quoting your own clients is one of the best ways to promote your business! If you have testimonials handy, just copy and paste liberal helpings of them into your content whenever possible. (If you don’t have any, just ask your clients–you’ll be amazed at what you get back.)

3. Show, don’t tell.

Is creativity one of your company’s most sought after values? The best way to show that off is to create content that screams CREATIVITY! It’s infinitely more powerful than just stating it. And the same goes for other good qualities, like being knowledgeable, experienced, or paying attention to detail.