Every day, a greater percentage of your viewers are watching your videos on a screen that’s only a few inches wide.

Consider these statistics:mobile_vid_pic1

  • Mobile video views jumped 300% in 2012
  • 40% of all YouTube video views in the US are on mobile devices (that’s close to half!)
  • 25% of all YouTube video views globally are on mobile devices
  • Mobile viewers have a longer attention span. iPhone watchers tend to watch videos for about 2.4 minutes maximum, while Android users will watch for up to 3 minutes and iPad users will stretch it out to 5 minutes maximum.

So how can you make sure your video does a great job of engaging these mobile viewers? Here are 6 tips on how to optimize your videos so they offer the best possible experience:

1.    Keep it short: smartphone users will be much more likely to watch your video if they can see it’s not going to eat too much of their bandwidth.  That said studies show that you will get the greatest number of visitors if you stick to 90 seconds or less.

2.    Use close-ups: widescreen shots don’t seem that impressive on a small screen – all the details get lost.  Your videos will have more impact if you include a lot of tight shots and close-ups on the things you want to focus on.  Your images should really jump out and impress people.

3.   Use large fonts: your viewer shouldn’t have to squint to see you’re saying.  When you use a bigger font and include fewer words per frame your message has more impact.

4.    Offer stellar audio quality: Most mobile devices don’t feature the most incredible sound systems, which makes it even more important to ensure that your video’s audio is crystal clear.  Also bear in mind that many mobile users are in noisy environments when they watch videos—such as in a train or bus—and will be listening to your video on earphones that probably don’t cancel out all that noise.

5.   Include a clickable link: Mobile users don’t like typing URLs into browser address bars, so make it easy for them to visit your site by including a clickable link either within the video itself (preferably at the end) or immediately beneath it in a visually obvious place.  If your video is on YouTube, include the clickable link in the description that appears immediately beneath the video.

6.   Make sure the destination website is also mobile-optimized: your video should include a call to action that sends viewers to your website or a landing page where they can find more information.  Make sure their end destination is also optimized for mobile devices.  If people can’t easily absorb your information, navigate around your site, and find what they’re looking for, they will leave and not be very excited about coming back.

With the continued explosion of mobile device use, your mobile viewers are an audience you can’t afford to ignore.  By following these six tips, you’ll ensure that your videos do a great job of engaging your mobile viewers and encouraging them to take action.