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It took Jonathan Rosenberg and me a decade of experimentation and reflection to come up with the rules we captured in How Google Works. With this video, you can learn the key points in about three minutes. I guess things really are speeding up in the Internet Century!

Eric Schmidt

Google, Executive Chairman

I wanted to follow-up with you with regards to The Draw Shop piece that you did for me at Cypress HomeCare Solutions “Is Home Care the right solution for you?”

I have presented this white board piece now twice. First time was in Kansas City at the Home Care Association of America (October 14) where I taught an educational session on Marketing and presented to about 150 people in the room. They gave me a standing ovation. The second time I presented this piece was last week in Las Vegas (November 19) at the Private Duty Insider Conference – I was the keynote speaker at the Pre-Conference meeting where there were approximately 550 people in the room and they did the same. STANDING OVATION!

My trade has long been looking for something that could explain in “simple terms” the work that we do and how we are different from Home Health.

I want to thank you for delivering this incredible piece and as I shared with you I have a lot of leads I will be forwarding your way that would like a similar piece put together.

Bob Roth

Managing Partner, Cypress Home Care Solutions

First morning results:

Just wanted to let you all know that as of this morning, the first video has been:

Started 5,418 times via a Twitter video card, and viewed at least 75% of the way through 2,181 times.

We have been putting some money behind promoting this video on Twitter, but even then we’re super impressed with the reception.

Thanks guys…already had some great feedback. Can’t wait for videos 2 & 3!


Yes, that one 🙂

Kurbo is the first mobile/online weight loss program for kids and teens and education is an important component of our program. We needed the content to be delivered in a way that would engage kids, teens and adults and “not feel like school”. The Draw Shop team was able to provide us with exactly what we wanted. Kids and parents continue to report back that they enjoy watching the videos and that they are learning the tools to help them make healthy choices and live healthier lives.

Thea Runyan, MPH

KURBO HEALTH, Co-Founder, Coaching and Content

On behalf of the Executive Director of UNFPA and myself, we would like to thank you and The Draw Shop team for your invaluable contribution to the Campaign to End Fistula and the global launch of the first International Day to End Obstetric Fistula at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on 23 May. Your hard work and commitment to creating such a compelling animation about the life-shattering effect of obstetric fistula as on women and girls around the world will undoubtedly help broaden the message about this severely neglected childbirth injury for years to come.

Kate Gilmore

Deputy Executive Director, United Nations Population Fund

I’m humbled and so appreciative for all of the hard work and commitment that has gone into this effort. You all did a superb job!!!

Jared Cohen

Founder, Google Ideas & One of TIME Magazine's 2013 Most Influential People in the World

I noticed that The Draw Shop’s video is nearing 200,000 views. WOW! Thanks again for all you did to make that happen.

Andy Andrews

New York Times Best Selling Author

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