email marketingWhen most people think of sharing a whiteboard video, they think social media. But let’s not forget about email.

Email is one of the most effective and powerful ways to share your video, because you’ve got a closer relationship with the people on your email list than you do with social media followers.

Here are a couple of key tips for effectively getting people to watch your video through “the original social media,” email.

1. Get that subject line right

Do you open every email you receive? Most people don’t. So it’s important to nail that subject line in order to give you a fighting chance of getting your email contacts to get their hands on the goods.

Author and social scientist Dan Pink recommends two methods, depending on the type

of person you’re sending to:

1) Create a useful subject line. In other words, tell the receiver what they’re going to get in the email, and what they’re going to get out of it. This works best for busy people, since they’re going to be very discerning with which emails they choose to open. A good example would be something like, “Free video: 5 tips for training your stubborn dog”.

2) Create curiosity. By teasing your audience just a little, you can get them to open up an email in order to fill their curiosity gap. A good example of this type of subject line would be, “Free video shows the #1 financial mistake most retirees make”.

2. Don’t say too much. 

Remember, the goal of the email is to get people to watch the video. So the idea here is to say just enough to get people to do that. If they’ve opened the email, you’ve already won half the battle…They’re already interested in watching. 

So this part is more about what you don’t say, than what you do.

Most people write too much in a misguided effort to “convince” people to click the play button.

But the old adage, “don’t sell what’s already sold,” applies here.

Long story short: Put 1 line in that sounds something like this…

“Hi Jane, I thought you might like this video — a lot of my clients are finding it useful because it helps you to [STATE BENEFIT HERE].”

…then be done with it.