Choosing the right style for your marketing video is a bit like going to a new restaurant for the first time.

You’re handed a menu where everything sounds awesome… but you have no idea if you’re going to like it or not.

It’s the same with video. There are so many styles — how do you know which one will fit your business the most? And which one will your customers enjoy the best?

If this were a restaurant, the fail-proof choice would be to order a chicken dish. And if we’re talking about video marketing… it’s motion graphics.

Why? That’s what we’re going to show you today!

In this week’s post, we’re going to look at 5 key benefits of motion graphics that make it an effective choice for video marketing, no matter your business or industry.

And we don’t mean benefits purely from a style perspective — though we’ll cover that, too.

Most importantly, we’re going to show you why it’s great for making your brand stand out from the competition, engaging potential customers, and persuading them to buy.

Sound good? Then read on!

1. It fits any brand look

You know that appearances matter.

Specifically, how your brand looks to potential customers matters a whole lot. And when you have a meticulously designed aesthetic, certain styles of animation can clash with it and produce an inconsistent experience for viewers.

And the great thing about motions graphics is that you can make it look consistent with your visual branding pretty easily. The color scheme, the look of each element, and the flow of animation can all be tweaked and customized until your video looks and feels exactly right.

In addition, motion graphics appears more “formal” naturally, because it’s less character-driven and less cartoony than many other styles. This is especially valuable if you’re venturing into animated video marketing for the very first time and you’re not sure what the viewers’ reaction might be.

It’s important to note here that “formal” and “fits any brand look” doesn’t equal “generic.” Sure, making a motion graphics video that looks unique isn’t easy — but the same is true for any kind of animated video. Or live action video, for that matter!

2. It combines with other styles easily

One of the less obvious benefits of motion graphics is that it gives you creative freedom to combine and remix it with many other kinds of visuals:


So if you want to tell a story about an innovative product that solves a hot, burning pain your prospects have, you can combine motion graphics with another style to convey the message.

For example:

Let’s say that you sell a SaaS product that helps project managers integrate two of their favorite software tools that don’t normally talk to one another.

It would make sense for your marketing video to open with a cartoon animation that sets up the characters and the main problem: the lack of integration between two amazing apps. Using them together is a huge headache that costs your customers time and money. But the apps are too useful not to use.

Then, you would introduce the solution — your product. At this point, the video would transition into a motion graphics segment and show off how exactly your tool works.

How it sets up an integration to solve this exact problem. How it’s customizable to your customers’ exact needs. How they can completely automate it and save hundreds of billable hours on manual drudgery like filling out spreadsheets, or custom programming, or making phone calls and sending emails.

Finally, the last segment of the video would revisit the characters and paint a vivid picture of how your solution has vastly improved their lives and helped their organization grow.


3. It distills complex topics into a crystal-clear message

Do you have an innovative or a highly technical product?

Do you offer an extremely complicated service that 99,99% of the general population can’t even begin to understand?

(Looking at you, legal and financial experts! You’re doing amazing.)

In either case, you face a tough challenge: educating your prospects about the awesomeness of your offer without putting them to sleep. And connecting the dots between what you do and how it helps them get what they want.

When you get a potential customer or client in a room and can explain everything to them, it’s great. But most businesses don’t have the luxury of lengthy face-to-face interactions with eager prospects. They have to make do with text, audio, video — whatever format works best.

That’s where the benefits of motion graphics really shine.

In one of our earlier articles on the topic, we talked about how motion graphics engages multiple modes of learning. It presents:

  • Eye-catching visuals for people who absorb information with their eyes…
  • Text and numbers and data for those who learn best by reading…
  • Voiceover narration for those who soak up knowledge by listening…
  • And emotion to make them care enough to even try.

This ability to synthesize and combine streams of information into one cohesive message is huge. It can help explain anything from theoretical physics to nanotechnology, robotics, finance, law, policymaking, you name it.

If you’ve ever had trouble getting your prospects to really “get” how your product or service will improve their lives, motion graphics could deliver the “aha!” moment you’re looking for.


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4. It’s highly visible and super memorable

Wherever you put it, motion graphics sticks out like a sore thumb. In a good way.

Nowadays people consume video in two primary ways: on YouTube and on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Both are bursting at the seams with live action content.

And the thing about live action content is… one piece looks just like every other one. That’s why there are entire tutorials dedicated to creating eye-catching thumbnails for videos that capture the viewer’s attention.

Wouldn’t you know it, most of the advice involves making “real” imagery look… less real, and more stylized: with bright backgrounds, lots of color, prominent text, and so on.

And that’s where cartoony-looking images offer a unique benefit. Motion graphics, or any other style of animation, is already stylized and suitable for small screens and thumbnails. The lines are clear, there’s plenty of contrast — and they naturally stand out from the rest of the content.

So if you want your marketing videos to have higher clickthrough rates, animation would be the way to go. Even when it’s static, it’s catchy — giving you a clickthrough rate bump of anywhere from 26 to 85 percent.

In addition to being visible and eye-catching, yet another one of the benefits of motion graphics is how memorable it is.

According to research, 80 percent of viewers remember a good video ad for up to 30 days after watching it — what other format even comes close? And with motion graphics, you can make it even harder to forget!

5. It’s incredibly persuasive

Finally, the biggest draw for motion graphics is just how good it is at persuading people.

And that comes as no surprise! If we revisit some of the benefits of motion graphics we’ve talked about, like:

  • The power to convey complex messages in a simple, engaging way…
  • The ability to combine with, and enhance, any other visual style…
  • The formal aesthetic that communicates credibility and trust…
  • The sheer memorability…

…how could you expect anything less?

A good motion graphics video is a persuasion powerhouse that helps you fulfill your primary goal as a business owner or a marketer.

No, not selling.

Earning the trust of your prospects. Helping them understand if your product or service is right for them. Educating them. Providing them with value before the money even changes hands.

That’s why brands like Dropbox, Google, CrazyEgg, Inbenta and many others rely on motion graphics explainer videos to convey the awesomeness of their products and services. Depending on who you ask, they can increase conversion rates by 20 percent — or as much as 80 percent! That’s what makes motion graphics a not-so-secret weapon of choice for increasing conversion rates and attracting more paying customers.

Do you think you could benefit from a high-converting motion graphics video in your corner?

We’d like to help.

Put the benefits of motion graphics to work for your business

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In fact, we create high-converting animated videos in several styles:

  • Motion graphics
  • Cartoon animation
  • Virtual Reality Animation
  • Digital stop motion animation
  • 2D character animation

And more.

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