Video marketing is a huge trend today. 

People are watching more videos than ever, and marketers feel very optimistic about the ROI they bring, as videos generate massive traffic, leads, and sales.

Nonetheless, many are still scared to push the record button and upload their videos. Why is that? How can you approach video marketing successfully, and why is video flow important?

To learn some of the best video marketing hacks, we invited George B. Thomas, a HubSpot Helper, and Owner of George B Thomas Company. George has more than thirty years of sales and marketing experience. His true passion is being a catalyst for growth and helping others be inspired, educated, and willing to work hard to achieve unlimited success.

George helps companies streamline and grow using the right HubSpot CRM, marketing, sales, service, operations, and CMS tools. He utilizes his graphic design, web development, and HubSpot expertise to partner with, teach, and develop solutions for companies looking to build their businesses and increase revenue.

George is the creator of the HubEd Helper YouTube channel, HubEd Helper podcast, and HubEd Helper blog. He is also a professional speaker on marketing, sales, and videos.

So how does George approach video marketing to help his clients reach their goals and generate more leads and sales? 

First of all, most people assume video marketing is a tactic or strategy. But for George, it is a way to communicate with other humans. 

You have to figure out how to communicate the right message at the right time for those people. 

Next, think about generating leads and revenue. One of the best methods you can use is how-to courses. But remember, it’s all about creating trust.

As George states: “When you go to relationship, you go to trust. When you go to trust, you go to reciprocity. And when you go to reciprocity, that equals revenue”. 

And, yes, vulnerability and empathy are two leading components of video marketing. When you get in front of the camera, it’s about heart and soul. It’s about how you are impacting, inspiring, motivating, or educating others.

No matter how good you look or how high the quality of your videos are, in the long run, it’s all about the content you share and the feeling people get when watching it.

But what about video marketing FLOW? There are two sides to it. 

On the one hand, flow is something you have as a human being. It’s your rhythm and the default way in which you communicate. Find your natural flow and people will listen to you.

Conversely, flow is also about how people procrastinate and put too many hurdles in the way of actually creating content. It’s about the consistent processes and system where you can just step in, hit record, and go.

The pillar of flow is simplifying the complex so that you can publish a video as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind the following ideas:

Marketing is leading to sales, and people buy based on emotion. So if you can evoke emotion in your marketing, you’re setting sales up for success.

If you are not creating videos yet, you are way behind marketers that do them. So start now!


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