There are two annoying myths about video marketing.

The first is that only big businesses can use it effectively.

And the second one is that everyone ever should use video marketing for business, or else their company is doomed. Doomed, we say!

(Feel free to imagine us waving our hands in an ominous fashion.)

Neither misconception matches up to reality very well. There are lots of big businesses that fail miserably at video marketing. And it’s not a one-size-fits all silver bullet.

So we thought that, for today’s article, it would be fun to examine: how can you make video marketing work for your business?

Because no matter the size of your company, you can use video marketing for business to get ahead – just not in the same way that a smaller or bigger company might.

Now, let’s examine how video marketing for business can help you at different stages of growth! It could mean landing more customers, maximizing revenue from your existing buyers, attracting higher-quality job candidates, and more.

Let’s dive in!

Small business

Gain a competitive advantage you need for growth

If you run a small business, video marketing is an excellent way to attract hungry customers to your door. Not only that – it’s also an amazing strategy to stand out and differentiate yourself from similar companies in your industry. Only 22% of small businesses even use video marketing, let alone do it well!

The good news is, when you’re a small company that’s just starting out with video marketing for business, it doesn’t take much to move the needle. Here are a few things you can try!

Things to focus on:

  • Create helpful video content related to your products or services: how-to videos, tutorials, answers to popular questions people have… In short, help solve your customers’ problems before they even consider buying from you;
  • Invest in a persuasive explainer video that sells to potential customers 24/7. If your core offer is compelling, and you get the video in front of the right people, it can generate amazing results for your company;
  • Explore different ways to engage your target market with video – like using it in your emails, social media posts, landing pages, and anywhere else you can think of.

Medium-sized businesses

Play the long game – emphasize retention

This might sound counterintuitive, but:

The key to continuous business growth is not about getting as many customers as possible.

It’s about getting as many repeat customers as possible.

That’s what makes it sustainable in the long run. And the lack of loyal, long-term customers is one of the main reasons 44% of companies fail within 5 years. Using video marketing for business can help you avoid that fate. It will boost your customer retention. This, in turn, will increase your lifetime customer value – and by extension, your bottom line.

For each customer who leaves, it costs up to 25 times as much to acquire a new one. A big business can afford it. But you can’t. So let’s look at how video marketing can help…


To be successful, video marketing for business relies on high-converting content. We have developed a neat checklist you can use to fail-proof all your marketing videos before you release them to the world. Click the link right below to grab it:

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Things to focus on:

  • Make onboarding videos that help to bring your customers up to speed on your product or service, and get value out of it as soon as possible;
  • Address the most common questions or concerns with special FAQ videos to lighten the load of your customer service people – and minimize customer frustrations;
  • Delight your existing customers with video content that doesn’t sell, but creates a connection: congratulations, thank-you videos, special announcements, etc.

Big businesses

Get massive exposure and pursue key partnerships

For big brands, the most compelling reason to use video marketing for business is simply this:

That’s what the most customers will resonate with.

When you need to make an impression on as many people as possible, you can’t go wrong with video content. It speaks the universal language of visuals and story, it’s shareable, and it has the highest ROI out of any other type of content.

It’s also scalable and versatile enough that any big business can take advantage of it. Here are just a few strategies you could try:

Things to focus on:

  • Create a powerful recruiting video to attract top talent to your company Hiring is the #1 challenge of our time, and video marketing will help you solve it better than your competition;
  • Use video content to secure important partnerships: with your affiliates, with organizations that could give you a platform (e.g. conferences), non-customers whose help you value (e.g. influencers).
  • Create automated marketing funnels that turn leads into paying customers on autopilot. As the most engaging content format, video would be perfect for these – helping you qualify, segment, nurture, and convert people in an efficient, scalable way.

Want more ideas on how to use video marketing for business?

Whether you’re a one-person company or a Fortune 500 colossus, video marketing for business can help you solve a multitude of challenges: from customer acquisition, to hiring, to retention, to employee training, and more!

The problem is, there are dozens, if not hundreds of tactics and strategies you could be using. How are you supposed to decide where to invest your time, energy, and money?

It’s our job to stay on the cutting edge of video marketing – so you don’t have to!

For example, would you like to find out 10 ways a simple whiteboard video can help your company grow and prosper? Then download our free checklist to find out:

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