The art of selling has alluded many, and can be a huge factor in the success of a business. Starting a sells pitch can be the most difficult part, that’s why it’s important to have all the right tools.

whiteboard sales pitchEveryone who makes a whiteboard video wants to sell something.

It may be a tangible product or service that’s being sold for money, or it could be an idea you’re trying to sell — like they do in TED talk presentations

But there’s an old saying in the sales biz…”your customers love buying…but they hate feeling like they’re being sold to.” Anyone who’s spent time in sales or marketing knows how true this really is!

So the key to selling effectively is to create a situation where people don’t feel like they were “pushed” into a purchase. It needs to be their idea. (This is where another old sales saying comes from: “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”)

Fortunately, whiteboard videos are a great tool for solving this problem by making this approach work beautifully. Here are a few reasons why.

Whiteboard videos are just plain fun

Whiteboard videos don’t look like PowerPoint presentations — they’re just cute little videos that grab your audience’s attention and allows your customers to relax while being pitched. We’ve been watching cartoons since we were kids, so we associate whiteboard videos with leisure, rather than a sales tool.

There’s no salesperson doing the pitching

When we sell, we tend to get passionate about what we’re selling (there’s a reason why we’re selling it in the first place, right?). And that passion can seem pretty intense — even overbearing — to the customer. Whiteboard videos don’t have this problem though, so your viewers will always feel at ease.

The viewer chose to watch the video

By definition, all whiteboard videos fall into the category of what Seth Godin calls permission marketing. The fact that customers clicked on the video voluntarily means that their guards are already down — they’re in total control, and that’s exactly how they feel. Ironically, this feeling of control makes them even more likely to make a purchase, rather than less.

Change the way your potential customers view your product or service, use a whiteboard to your advantage when launching a new sales campaign.