Do you want to know one of the biggest mistakes practically everyone makes with high-quality, marketable content like whiteboard video animations?

They create a piece, put it out there, and move on to the next one. Even when the content is world-class, and you heavily promote it, you could still go an extra mile… and get even more traffic, even more exposure, even more bang for your buck!

We are talking about repurposing your whiteboard video into a different content format, and getting it out there again. This has tons of obvious benefits:

  • Sometimes, people don’t respond to video as well as to text, or other visual but static content.
  • Repurposing content and republishing it somewhere else is great for traffic (and you could get backlinks, too, which is great for SEO).
  • The more people are exposed to your message, the more customers you’ll eventually end up with!

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“So, why aren’t more people doing it?”

Good question! Our best guess? Content marketing still has a ways to go. And the “shiny object syndrome” of new content is very tempting. Better to do a new thing and see what happens than to do a not-so-new slightly differently for similar results… or it is?

Bottom line is, re-purposing is great, and you should try it – we’ve established that! Now what? Can you repurpose any whiteboard video with equal success?

Not really – there are two requirements it has to meet first:

  • It needs to be valuable content, so people actually want to see it. You wouldn’t repurpose an advertisement, for example, unless we’re talking about recycling graphical or sound assets.
  • It needs to have performed well in video format, so you know it resonates with your target market.

Have you found a whiteboard video that checks those boxes? Great! Let’s discuss what you can do about it…

Ways to repurpose your whiteboard video animations

Video doesn’t have to stay a video. Here’s what you can do to transform it into brand-new content to impress some brand-new people!

  1. Make a slide deck. You have the images already: add some text, and you have a presentation! You can republish it on SlideShare (a great untapped source of traffic), and your deck will become an evergreen source of new visitors.
  1. Create an infographic. Infographics are everywhere, and for good reason – they are extremely shareable, very visual, and can make even a boring business interesting. A well-designed infographic can outperform a video, and get you backlinks and website visitors from websites that normally wouldn’t share your stuff (because they prefer static content).
  1. Write a blog post. Sometimes text just beats video, and there’s nothing you can do – that’s why we make whiteboard video animations, but still create written content. Transcribe your video, turn it into a blog post, then share the content with said video anywhere you want: on your own blog, outside platform like Medium or LinkedIn Pulse… you get the idea.
  1. Make a quick content upgrade. Whiteboard videos can make great opt-in bonuses. Just throw in some extra content, like a transcript, a checklist, or a cheat sheet, and you have a great lead magnet. Anything useful you can add to an already great video could be used to collect viewers’ emails and grow your business.
  1. Remake it for a different niche. This isn’t repurposing in full sense of the word, but it’s close. If you have a video that targets a particular subset of customers, like graphic designers, you could take it, change a few things, and make it appeal to a different but related niche – photographers, photo booth owners, you name it. It’s also a great way to counteract “special snowflake syndrome” in your potential customers!

You might be thinking, “This is all well and good… but I don’t have a video to use! All my videos are ads, or I haven’t made any – ever!”

Let’s talk about that…

Don’t have a fitting video? Not a problem!

We have a simple solution for you – just repurpose your other successful content into a video, whiteboard or otherwise!

Maybe an audio excerpt from your podcast (so you could promote it), or a really good slide deck, or an old infographic… Whatever you have that would benefit from a visual dimension and a gripping narrative of a whiteboard video, you can use!

And in case you want to dip your toes before diving head-in, our risk-free pow-wow is there for you – just saying!

We hope you enjoyed today’s post, and it has made you take a long, hard look at your old content. Even after you thought you’d extracted the most value out of it, it could still bring you more subscribers, more customers, and more revenue! All you need is give it a try…