When it comes to writing the script for your marketing video, less is more. If you’re creating a typical 60-second video, aim for a script that’s no more than 120-150 words in length.  More than that and you’ll overload your viewers with too much information and they won’t be able to absorb what you’re saying.


But 150 words is a small amount of information – we’re talking less than four tweets!  So how do you say everything you want to say and get your point across in a way that people will remember and be compelled to share?

Here are our five tips on how to pack as much power into those few words as you can:

1. Nail Your Focus

Your script has to laser in on your core message. Focus on making one point really well.  It’s better to say one thing clearly than to touch on a number of ideas that don’t get fully developed.

2. Prune the Fluff

Stephen King advises aspiring novelists to cut 10% of the total word count every time they go through their manuscript.  The same principle applies to marketing video scripts.  Take out every single word that doesn’t directly contribute to the meaning of what you’re trying to say.

Avoid adverbs and adjectives – really, very, extremely, big, little, amazing, and so on.  They weaken your sentences. Instead, use powerful nouns and verbs to create a more vivid picture.  Also be sure to ditch the jargon and hyperbole (“Skyrocket your sales!”) – because people don’t relate to it and aren’t taken in by it.

3. Get to the point ASAP

Resist the urge to be coy or clever for its own sake.  Pack your most powerful punch at the beginning, giving your most compelling elevator pitch.  Address the pain point, present your product or service as the solution, explain how it works, and then finish with a memorable bang.

4. Edit, edit, and edit again

In our experience, it’s often more challenging to create a short piece of writing than it is to write a longer piece.  In order to make sure you crystallize your vision into the most compelling script possible, go through it many times and edit out everything that is less than completely amazing.  Then set it aside for a few days, go back and do it again until you’re absolutely sure you have nailed it.

5. Get feedback from people in the know

Before you invest in the production of your video, make sure you show your video script to at least three people whose feedback you’d value.  Make sure to choose reviewers who know your industry and your target audience well and/or are experienced and successful video marketers.  Their input will help ensure your video gets the great results you’re hoping for.

Looking for input?  We can help.

If you’ve got a marketing video script you’d like feedback on, shoot it over to us! We give out free 20-minute consultations to all newcomers to thedrawshop.com and would be happy to give you our thoughts on how effective your video will be based on the script.

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