Putting a man on the moon.

Mapping the entire human genome.

Winning the Olympic gold.

Exceptional teams routinely achieve things that would be impossible for anyone else. So it stands to reason that, if you want to grow your business faster and blaze through every growth and revenue goal you’ve set for yourself…

…you’re going to need a highly effective team!

Luckily, you don’t have to travel the world negotiating with elusive specialists and persuading them to take the job (as cool as that would be!). This is real life, not a heist movie.

Your existing team is enough. They are already pretty good – and with some additional work on your culture, vision, communication, and processes, they can be great.

And that’s exactly what we’ll discuss on today’s episode of the Get Genius podcast: how to make your team, along with you as its leader, exceptional. Unstoppable. And sexy.

OK, maybe not sexy. But the other part is true!

This week, we are sitting down with Jeffrey Davidson, who has spent 20 years exploring the boundaries of world-class teams, and pushing the envelope when it comes to leadership, performance, and growth – both business and personal.

As a recognized expert in strengthening leaders and building teams, Jeffrey has worked with hundreds of teams, taught thousands of employees, and consulted with multiple Fortune 100 corporations.

Jeffrey’s goal is simple: he wants you to be outstanding – and he wants your team to be even better.

He is an engaging, thought-provoking speaker as well as a dynamic presenter. Jeffrey speaks at conferences across the United States and Canada. Audiences love his interactive, high-energy talks that include humor and real-life stories of success and his many brushes with failure. In today’s interview, you will hear Jeffrey’s valuable advice, as well as his hilarious tales – please enjoy!

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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Jeffrey

[02:19] How Jeffrey’s ended up building teams and strengthening cultures for a living

[05:09] How do you know when you need a change in team culture?

[07:02] The key difference between culture and vision

[09:11] The secret to leadership that nobody talks about

[10:31] How to ask for and give constructive feedback

[13:37] What does it take to create a culture of continuous feedback growth?

[15:19] Investing time in your team

[17:53] The biggest obstacles faced by leaders and their teams

[21:12] How often should employee reviews happen?

[23:19] A success story from Jeffrey

[26:49] ‘Don’t just stay busy, take action’

[28:08] Where you can find Jeffrey online

Resources from Jeffrey:

Jeffrey’s Website

Jeffrey’s Twitter

Jeffrey’s LinkedIn