exciting-whiteboard-videosWhiteboard videos have the power to transform just about any web-based information (see how boring that sounds) into something animated and fun and cartoony and exciting!

Yet still, when some people think of a whiteboard video, they think of something that just sits on your home page.

Here are a few other things you can spruce up with the use of an awesome whiteboard video.

White Papers

White papers are an integral part of B2B marketing, but they don’t have to be boring! Add a whiteboard video to your white paper and guess what? People will actually have fun reading it.

This emotional reaction adds a new dimension of effectiveness to your marketing, giving you an edge over competitors (which is one of the main reasons you created a white paper to begin with).

Your About Us Page

Your About Us page is critical to making a sale. You, your company, and your team are all irreplaceable characters in your customer’s journey, so why not take maximum advantage of this by literally drawing out their story — and your part in it — right on the screen for them to see in all its glory?

(For bonus points, we can even draw you and/or your team right into the video.)

Your Facebook Page

Have you noticed more and more videos popping up on Facebook recently? These days, people are expecting to watch videos when they log into the social network, and having a fresh supply of whiteboard videos to show them can do wonders for your engagement…and, ultimately, your sales.


While your competitors are sending boring text-based emails that are long and hard to read, you can be a welcome addition to your customers’ inbox if you include a whiteboard video in an email. This helps you stand out and be different, while also getting your marketing message through the clutter.