On the surface, whiteboard and cartoon animation video and ecommerce seem like the worst match possible.

Ecommerce videos use live-action visuals and focus on the product. Whiteboard animation is stylized and focuses on characters and stories.

Well, today we’ll prove that they are compatible!

In fact, by the end of this article we will have given you 5 actionable strategies for creating whiteboard and cartoon animation videos that convert for your ecommerce brand. And we’ll share some tactical tips, too, just for good measure!

So let’s dive right in, starting with the elephant in the room: how do you make product-focused videos using whiteboard and cartoon animation?

Hint: you don’t! Bear with us…

1. Tell stories about your customers

Creating whiteboard and cartoon animation is far from the best way to market your ecommerce business… as long as your chosen format is product videos.

With whiteboard video, you can’t properly show off how the product looks and works. They would be a terrible choice and a waste of your money and time.

Luckily, you can do something much better!

You can show customers how your products fit into their daily lives. How they solve their most burning problems, improve their quality of life, and make them happier. Whiteboard animation is perfect for this. Nothing hooks people in like a visual story!

Note that this strategy will only work if your ecommerce brand either:

  • Sells one or more “signature” products – manufactured by your company or bought from somewhere else, doesn’t matter.


  • Sells a wide selection of products with an overall theme or “niche” – like sleep aids, or nutrition supplements, or artisanal chocolate.

If your business doesn’t meet either of these criteria, don’t worry: just move on to all these other strategies we’ve prepared for you!

But if it does, here’s what you can do…

Here’s a tip:

Consider creating whiteboard and cartoon animation with your ideal customer as the main character in a story. Describe the problems they are struggling with – and then show how your products help them solve those problems.

You can use these whiteboard and cartoon animation videos in lots of different ways. For example:

  • Turn them into ads that drive traffic to your ecommerce store.
  • Create landing pages with a selection of products you want to sell more of, and let the videos serve as an invitation to browse and buy.
  • Put them in your newsletters and link back to your website.
  • When you offer discount codes in exchange for an email address, or ask people to buy gift certificates for their loved ones, you can use these videos for additional promotion.
  • Use them as social media videos to engage people.
  • Feature these videos in giveaways and sales.

And more!

2. Explain your process or policy

Do you have a shipping & returns policy that customers don’t always “get” right away? Do you want to highlight what’s so special about your particular way to do business? That’s when creating whiteboard and cartoon animation videos comes in especially handy!

That way, you’ll have fewer confused buyers abandoning their orders, or getting frustrated about returns, or asking for refunds when a simple exchange would do! And that means more revenue for you: both in the short run and in the long term (as those customers stay with you).

Here’s a tip:

Scout your helpdesk for the most common questions people have. Look for patterns: do customers always ask about your guarantee? Are lots of people frustrated about shipping? Is there a manufacturing or fulfillment question that pops up again and again?

Create whiteboard videos that clear things up and display them prominently:

  • On your Shipping & Returns page.
  • In the FAQ section of your ecommerce store.
  • In your fulfillment emails (as a reminder of how things work).


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3. Shout your USP from the rooftops

What makes your ecommerce brand unique? What can your customers get from you – and only you? What do you do better than anyone else? Or at least differently from everyone else?

Maybe you contribute much of your profits to a charitable cause you’re passionate about…

Perhaps you source your products responsibly and ethically, and your customers can be sure their conscience is clear if they buy from you…

Or maybe your merchandise is simply a thousand times better than what your competition sells…

Regardless, your customers need to know. So tell them!

Here’s a tip:

Consider creating whiteboard and cartoon animation videos for your homepage or your About page (or both) that revolve specifically around your unique selling proposition. Marketing data shows that simply mentioning your USP can boost conversions – so don’t be shy about it!

In the video, make sure you:

  • State proudly why you do business this way, and only this way.
  • Communicate the benefits your USP delivers to customers.
  • Tie the two together in a memorable conclusion.

We’ve talked about conveying your USP through video before. Read this article for more tips.

4. Tell the story behind your brand

Now, you might think that your company story is nothing special – and you’re probably right! But guess what? It doesn’t matter one little bit.

Sure, some stories are more remarkable than others. The origin story of Apple just happens to be more compelling than the one of, say, Papa John’s. But they both succeed at hooking people in – because each resonates with what their target market wants to hear!

Here’s how you can do the same thing for your company…

Here’s a tip:

A good brand story doesn’t need riveting drama. Simply try creating a whiteboard and cartoon animation that conveys four key ideas:

  • Where you were at the beginning – why did you decide to start the company?
  • What you struggled with – ruthless competition, financial difficulties, self-doubt, intractable engineering problem… anything can be fodder for conflict.
  • What discovery you’ve made – share the aha moment that made your brand what it is today.
  • Where you are now – take this opportunity to state your key value proposition to customers.

That’s it! Some of you might recognize this as a variation of Kevin Rogers’ 60-second hook. Kevin is a master storyteller – we even had him on the podcast! You can apply this template to anything you want, including your story video.

And once it’s done, put it on your About page. This is the second most visited page on most websites – just because people can’t buy anything from it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it some love!

5. Encourage customers to send you referrals

As an e-commerce brand, word-of-mouth marketing is your best bet to attract paying customers. The other option would be spending a pretty penny (and lots of time) on sophisticated campaigns that may or may not pan out.

But only some customers will happily go out and yell about your brand excitedly to their friends and family. Most others will need an incentive of some kind.

That’s where referral programs come in!

Creating whiteboard and cartoon animation videos to encourage buyers to spread the word about your store is a smart investment. Thanks to the persuasive power of video, your existing customers will be much more likely to recommend your brand to someone else.

Here’s a tip:

Create an explainer video about your referral program, if you have one (and you really should!)

In it, explain:

  • What your existing customers get – other than warm, fuzzy feelings!
  • What their referrals will get as a thank-you for shopping with you.
  • Why it’s a no-brainer that will not make their friends and family hate them.

By the way, your referral program is not the only thing that could use some video love! Creating whiteboard and cartoon animation videos about your loyalty programs and gift certificates is also a great tactic you can try.

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