What if you had an infinite source of brilliant, inspired marketing material you could tap on demand?

A source that could instantly capture everything that’s awesome about your business… and practically write your copy for you?

A source that other potential customers would trust as much as a friend’s personal recommendation?

This just screams “too good to be true”, doesn’t it?

Well, as a matter of fact, you already have that source at hand – your existing customers!

We have talked about the power of testimonials on this blog before. Today, however, we are going deeper, and telling you about how you can get the best kind of testimonials (on video) for your brand… at scale, on autopilot.

That’s two “too good to be true” statements in a single blog post – and we’re just getting started! Today’s episode of Get Genius podcast is a special one (we say that for every episode, but it happens to be true every time!)

This week, Summer sits down to chat with Troy Howard. And if you don’t know Troy, you’re in for a treat: that man drops some serious marketing wisdom on the podcast, and also reveals how he is revolutionizing the online reviews industry!

But first things first – here’s some background on Troy:

  • Troy has a knack for combining marketing and technology to create amazing, massively disruptive products (in a good way). He did it with SEO space when he founded OnTopLocal, and he’s doing it now to the online reviews space with So Tell Us, his latest venture.
  • He started his career back in mid-90s as a sales rep for the local Yellow Pages, but soon moved online to work at an online directory generating 9 figures in annual revenue.
  • Troy came up with the idea for So Tell Us after unsuccessfully trying to acquire new customers for his company, and discovering that the solution was to double-down on video testimonials.

And now he’s bringing affordable, instantly verifiable, scalable video testimonials to any brand with enough foresight to see how powerful these can be. Along the way, he shares unique insights about business mistakes, timeless trends in marketing, and more.

On that note, we’ll let you listen to today’s interview – we hope you enjoy it!

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Here’s what you will learn:

Introducing Troy Howard [00:18]

How So Tell Us got started [03:00]

The biggest mistake businesses make (and how to avoid it) [13:14]

How to integrate video reviews into your business [14:07]

Marketing trends that have stood the test of time, and how you can take advantage of them [21:10]

Which brands can use So Tell Us [28:12]

How to get video testimonials… the easy way [31:05]

So Tell Us Giveaway [35:25]


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