How to Drive Engagement and Sales with Truly Unique Video Content

Pop quiz: can you guess how many hours of video are uploaded online every minute? 

(And don’t cheat by googling it!) 

…You still googled it, didn’t you? Oh well. 

The answer is, we don’t really know. For example, YouTube alone adds about 500 hours of video per minute — and the total for the Internet is much, much higher. 

With the content landscape being so crowded with videos, how can your brand stand out? How can you get your message in front of potential customers without it getting lost in all this noise?

That’s exactly what we’ll talk about in this week’s article.

Today, we want to show you 3 strategies for creating unique video content that stands out massively, grabs attention, and attracts loyal fans and customers to your brand.

You will learn:

  • Why creating hyper-specific, niche videos can actually help you attract more viewers and potential buyers
  • 4 simple questions that will give you ideas for fresh, unique video content (no matter what industry you’re in)
  • How to make your videos more engaging and distinctive-looking through format, visuals, and branding

And more. Read on!

How to drive engagement and sales with truly unique video content

1. Create valuable videos for specific subsets of your audience

When making content, it’s easy to focus on the one thing all of your customers have in common. Usually, it’s the #1 problem your product or service helps to solve.

So you might be thinking, “OK, I’m just going to create as many different videos as I can about the different aspects of that problem. It’s going to be useful content that appeals to everyone in my target market — win-win!”

The problem is… everybody else is doing that, too!

That’s how you get hundreds of videos on the same few topics, all saying more or less the same thing in the hopes of attracting as many viewers as possible. This makes it hard for your brand and your message to stand out and it puts your target audience to sleep.

So instead of creating yet another “5 Tips for X” video that targets everyone and excites no one, try this:

  1. Choose one specific subset of your target market
  2. Come up with a video topic that would help their unique situation

For example, let’s say that you run a law firm that helps self-employed people. You could easily make a video about 5 reasons every freelancer needs a contract. But there are already thousands of videos like that!

Here’s a better idea: focus on one subset of your audience — say, graphic designers — and create a video that shows them what useful clauses/terms they can insert in their contracts. Things that will help solve their specific challenges around freelance graphic design work: limiting the number of revisions, specifying how their graphic assets can be used, spelling out additional compensation (e.g. royalties) and so on.

See? This is instantly more valuable and attention-grabbing content!

2. Find gaps in the content landscape — and fill them

With 500+ hours of video being uploaded online every minute, you’d think that every topic in every industry imaginable has already been done to death. Not so!

There are still plenty of opportunities to create unique video content — as long as you’re willing to do a bit of homework. Do you want to come up with fresh ideas for new videos? Then channel your inner Zen master and look for things that aren’t there.

Specifically, think about:

  • What do your customers need to hear that nobody in your space is telling them?
  • What knowledge can you share that goes against your industry’s conventional wisdom?
  • What are your customers passionate about that you can incorporate in your videos?
  • What kind of content do you wish existed in your market?

These questions will point you to new, unusual, and exciting ways to create video content. Occasionally, they will be duds: “Hmmm, my customers love dogs, and our company does Machine Learning… I’m drawing a blank.” But other times, you’ll strike gold.

Here’s a real-life example of a company that discovered a massive “content gap” — and filled it brilliantly. Corridor Digital is a VFX company that specializes in CGI for video. Chances are, you’ve seen their viral videos on YouTube without realizing it.

But their most watched, engaging, and beloved content is a simple video show called VFX Artists React”, where Corridor employees break down visual effects from movies, music videos, and YouTube clips. It’s just a group of people discussing their craft, showcasing clips, and making jokes. Like we said, simple.

These guys saw an opportunity in the market: reaction videos by experts are hugely popular — and everyone loves good special effects — or loves to hate bad special effects! Now each episode of their show rakes in millions of views and promotes their brand to tons of people… including potential clients.

3. Experiment with different formats, visuals, and branding

Making standout video content doesn’t have to be about unique topics or appealing to niche audiences. Sometimes it’s as simple as finding an unusual format, or choosing distinctive-looking visuals — or simply branding your videos in a way that makes them unmistakable.

Here are some ideas of things you could try to help your videos stand out more:

  • Long-form content. In-depth, long videos (10+ minutes) get a lot of flak these days because “people have short attention spans” (not really). But long-form content can be very useful when you’re dealing with complicated topics, interviewing people, or doing a deep dive into one particular subject.
  • Dramatized, artistic videos. Comedy sketches, short films, wordless animations, music videos, montages, documentaries, timelapses — these formats can be more engaging, and feel fresher and more unique than your standard listicle or how-to videos. Just make sure that whatever format you’re trying actually helps to get the message across instead of distracting people from it!
  • Distinctive visuals. There’s a reason cartoons and different types of animation are making a comeback — they naturally stand out and grab attention. Giving your videos a unique visual identity is a great way to make them more recognizable and memorable.
  • Branded video series. Making episodic content helps to build long-term engagement with viewers. Even if they don’t convert, a good video show will keep them coming back. Eventually, you can build a solid enough relationship with these viewers that they buy from you, or refer someone else to you — or both!

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