Guess what? 

We are 2 days away from a brand-new year! 

Which means you can’t swing a cat without hitting a whole bunch of articles about “69 video marketing trends you MUST capitalize on in 2022” — or similarly outrageous titles. 

Every December, you’ve got a crop of self-styled experts popping up like mushrooms after a heavy rain to tell you how to do business in the coming year. “Get on TikTok! Make interactive video! Transition fully to live streaming!” and so on. (These aren’t even the most outlandish examples, to be honest.)

So I decided to buck the trend and do something completely different this time around.

Because why gamble on new trends that may or may not deliver results for your business (it’s never a one-size-fits-all kind of deal)… 

…when there are proven video marketing strategies just sitting there, begging to be implemented?

And that’s exactly what this week’s article is about: timeless, un-trendy video marketing strategies that will help you grow your business in 2022 and beyond!

Read on, and you will learn:

  • How to grow your audience of ideal customers by leveraging the uber-popular platforms that exist today — because like it or not, that’s where your ideal customers are.
  • The #1 tactic to enhance any marketing asset you have, like landing pages, white papers, lead magnets / content upgrades, emails, and more.
  • A simple but devastatingly effective process to make the most out of every video asset you create, and attract 10X more leads using it.
  • How to build an audience of raving fans who can’t get enough of your content, and gradually convert them into high-paying customers or clients.

…And +1 more strategy you’ll have to discover by actually reading the blog post.

Are you ready? Then let’s dive in.

Pictured: A mustachioed man dressed in the latest fashions of 70s disco. He's wearing green trousers with wide legs; green suit jacket with tassels swinging in the air; orange shirt with a giant collar; big round glasses and an even bigger hair-do; a gold medallion around his neck. He is dancing it up.gger hair-do. And he is dancing it up.


1. Attract soulmate customers wherever they are

Let’s face it: growing your company website, blog, or email list — a.k.a. any platform that you own and control — has become a thousand times harder.

Why? Because your ideal customers all hang out on the same handful of big sites (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and barely go anywhere else. Sure, they complain all the time about how miserable they feel on social media…

…but they rarely, if ever, do anything about it!

Hey, I don’t like it either. But as entrepreneurs, we have to adapt to new realities, and meet our customers where they are.

And once we do, once we earn their attention and trust… then we can lead them to a channel we actually own — like an email list.

That’s why your video marketing roadmap for 2022 should be:

Step 1. Create and publish remarkable content on third-party platforms, and accumulate “rented” audience across those different channels. Limit yourself to 2-3 max, or else you’ll be spreading yourself too thin.

Step 2. As you’re building those audiences, keep funneling them to your website and your email list, converting those “rented” followers into “owned” leads and prospects.

That way, if anything ever happens to your presence on third-party platforms — getting banned for no reason (depressingly common), losing growth due to algorithm changes, etc. — you will have assets to fall back on.

In short, you want to acknowledge the current business reality we live in… but also invest in your own platform and audience. Do this, and you will thrive no matter how much the online landscape will shift.


2. Enhance your existing marketing assets using video

Your video content doesn’t exist in a vacuum… nor should it! Quite the opposite, actually — it delivers the greatest results when paired with other proven strategies and high-performing assets.

In 2022, you can leverage marketing videos to level up almost any other non-video asset that exists in your business, and take them all from “baseline” to “bestselling”!

Here, let me give you some ideas! You can:

  • Add video to your landing pages for an immediate, head-spinning boost to conversions — sometimes as high as 80% (source).
  • Combine video content with blog posts to increase engagement on articles and inject some SEO juice into those videos.
  • Mention, link to, and include screencaps of your videos inside your email campaigns. This will increase open and clickthrough rates on what is already the highest-ROI marketing channel!
  • Feature a brand story video on your About page. Typically, it gets a lot of traffic — so why not capitalize on it with a strategic video asset?
  • Increase the perceived value of your lead magnets and content upgrades by creating companion videos for them.

See? Just like glitter, the addition of video makes anything instantly more fabulous and attention-grabbing — and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. And if there’s one thing you’ll need in 2022, it’s memorability and a talent for differentiating yourself!

Yes, I know it’s actually two things. It was just a figure of speech. Let’s move on to Strategy #3…


3. Multiply your ROI with content amplification

Want to make the most out of each marketing video you create? Then it’s time to stop treating them as “just” video assets, and explore how you can transform your videos into all-new types of content — with the power of amplification!

Content amplification is all about adapting and repurposing your original content into new forms, and then distributing and promoting those far and wide. That way, more people can receive your marketing message with little to no additional content marketing investment on your part!

E.g. let’s say you’ve made a detailed, long-form marketing video for your audience and posted it to your YouTube channel. Is your work here done?

Not by a long shot!

You can turn that video into:

  1. A companion article you can publish on your blog, linking back to your OG video.
  2. A collection of outtakes / “highlight reel” to post on social media. Or you can make a thread or post sharing key takeaways from the video.
  3. A slide deck or infographic you can put up on SlideShare, LinkedIn, or even Pinterest.
  4. A podcast episode / audio blog you can share with your audience, so they can listen to it on the go.
  5. A ton of pithy tweets and short posts you can keep sharing for months to come.

And more.

You can make any content asset work so much harder for you, generating way more ROI for each dollar (and each hour!) you invest. And that’s exactly what this strategy will help you do in 2022.


4. Inspire fanatic engagement with serialized content

Are you wondering how best to use your video marketing budget in the coming year? Well, I have a killer suggestion for you…

Create and produce an ongoing video show or series!

Now, here’s why I’m convinced this is a great use of your resources. There are 3 big reasons for that:

  1. One-off videos, even if they go viral and dazzle millions of people into watching them, don’t necessarily translate into sales, or even leads. Having a regular show gives potential customers a much more compelling reason to subscribe or follow you — because if they liked one episode, they will come back hungry for more!
  2. Search and recommendation algorithms favor serialized content. If someone watches one episode of your show on YouTube, forgets to subscribe, and goes off to do their own thing, they will be served another one in their Recommended feed. In the age of content oversaturation, this kind of discoverability is huge.
  3. Video shows provide an elegant, 100% authentic and non-salesy way to stay top of mind with your ideal customers. If you keep serving new installments, and they keep watching them, then your potential buyers have plenty of opportunities to convert. And when they are ready, they will!

Check out this guide to learn more about making serialized content, and find a dynamite idea for your own video show!

5. Build unshakable authority with customer stories

Here’s another timeless way to grow your business…

Provide undeniable proof that your product or service works as advertised, and changes your customers’ lives for the better.

Whether it’s a newcomer to the market or a household name in the industry, a business is never done proving itself. And the #1 method for doing so involves customer stories: case studies, testimonials, and any other examples of customer-led storytelling.

This just might be the best use of your video marketing resources — which is why I saved it for last!

Customers trust the opinion of people like them more than any marketing copy you could come up with, no matter how clever… and that makes the creation of testimonials, case studies, and other customer stories the best investment of your hard-earned marketing dollars. Hands down.

And luckily, it doesn’t even have to break the bank! You can gather powerful testimonials right now without spending a dime on video production — here’s how. Ditto for case studies — here’s a guide that walks you through some cost-effective solutions!

Without any significant investment, you can prove that your business has made a tremendous impact on the lives of your customers… and leverage that proof to attract even more ideal buyers.

That makes it the #1 video marketing strategy for your business — in 2022 and beyond!


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