If I had to describe the function of video in one word, that word would be… 


Connection is the linchpin of every successful business, yours included. 

It’s what drives prospects to buy from you for the first time. It’s what inspires your team to do stellar work, day in and day out. And it’s what transforms one-time buyers into lifelong, loyal customers. 

So tell me:

Isn’t it ridiculous that most companies only use video for sales and marketing (if that!) — and completely ignore its other business-boosting uses?

Case in point: let’s take customer support.

A.k.a. the #1 factor that determines if someone sticks around and buys from you again… 

…or runs for the hills and tells everyone they know to never, ever do business with you.

Yeah, it’s kind of important! 

In fact, 86% of customers report leaving for good (according to this report by PwC) because of a bad customer service experience. That’s how crucial it is for your brand to provide high-quality support!

And video can be your secret weapon in achieving this goal.

That’s why in today’s article, I’ll show you 5 ways to augment your customer service using video, so you can boost retention, skyrocket customer satisfaction, and make your support team’s lives at least 10 times easier!

So let’s dig into it, shall we?

Pictured: man blasting off into the orange sky, surrounded by clouds of light-brown smoke and streams of orange flame erupting from the winged jetpack he has on his back (stamped with a video Play button for a logo).


1. Boost retention by building a video knowledge base

Here’s a depressing fact you may not know about…

Whenever your customers have to contact support, their satisfaction decreases. And it happens even when their problem is solved in a timely, professional manner!

It’s true: most people would rather do things on their own than interact with strangers — no matter how helpful or knowledgeable they may be.

That means, the #1 counterintuitive key to high customer satisfaction and retention is… 

…you gotta let them solve their own problems whenever possible.

So how do you equip customers with everything they need to resolve any issues with your product or service?

Well, the best way to do that is by creating a video knowledge base of demos, tutorials, how-to’s, and FAQs designed to walk people through problems on their own — and even teach them how to use your product or service like a pro!

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Analyze all of your past support tickets and emails
  • Identify and categorize all issues that came up more than once
  • Create simple videos addressing the top 10 most frequent problems
  • Upload them to your brand new video knowledge base

Finally, plaster the link to that knowledge base everywhere you can: your onboarding emails, website, members area, FAQ section, you name it. In short, make sure that your customers simply cannot miss it.

That way, when they run into a challenge, they will know exactly where to go for a fix without getting frustrated or bothering your team. Win-win!


2. Save time + charm customers with video responses

Providing top-notch customer service can be astonishingly hard.

Think about it:

Your teammates have to deliver the definitive solution to any customer’s problem, no matter how complicated it is. Not only that: they need to do so in the shortest amount of time possible and with total clarity, lest the customer misunderstand and fail to implement the solution.

And finally, they have to do it dozens of times a day with perfect consistency!

No pressure, right? *cue nervous chuckle*

So, to make your team’s lives easier, encourage them to use video when answering support tickets! Seriously, it’s the perfect tool for delivering incredible customer service — for at least two reasons:

  1. It’s lightning-fast (unlike typing). A two-minute screencast walking the customer through the solution takes a fraction of the time compared to a detailed written response!
  2. It’s impossible to misunderstand. Well… almost. Still, it’s 10X easier to follow video instructions than text- or audio-only ones, so this will help your team resolve issues faster!

Of course, not every piece of support communication will benefit from video. Sometimes, text replies are still the way to go — like when you’re checking order status and giving a quick update.

But in those tricky scenarios where you’d much rather show a customer how something works, instead of telling them in 1,000+ painstaking words… video can be a life-saver.

So give your team a big, fat permission slip to use it!


3. Delight customers with short, sweet thank-you videos 

Gratitude has a massive ROI.

It can inspire a customer to make a repeat purchase, write a lovely review of your product for all to see, deliver a high-quality referral to your door… or all of the above.

All that — because you took the time to thank them and make an authentic, human connection. Wild, right?

The only condition is, your thanks have to feel personal and unique. A templated thank-you email just won’t cut it, sorry! No, you need something that doesn’t scale.

Well, one way to make this kind of interaction feel warm and one-of-a-kind is… thank-you videos! They are short, sweet, memorable, and will melt the hearts of even the grumpiest customers.

Here’s the easiest way to incorporate thank-you videos into your customer experience:

  • Set up an alert that goes out to your customer support team whenever someone makes a purchase.
  • Have a teammate record a quick 30-60 second thank-you video, personalized with the customer’s name and order details.
  • Send the video out in an email to the customer to make their day!

As you can see, this is a very high-touch strategy that doesn’t scale easily… which is exactly what makes it so memorable, and why it can elevate the relationships you develop with your customers!

Tip: for a less intense version of this method, try hand-written thank you notes. I once had a guest on my podcast who swears by them — David Wachs. You can check out his interview right here and get the full breakdown of his strategy.


4. Introduce your team members to your customers

Every entrepreneur I’ve ever met was worried about making their brand seem more authentic and human. And right now in 2022, this challenge is more relevant than ever.

But isn’t it obvious?

If you want to humanize your brand in the eyes of potential and existing customers… 

…then put the spotlight on the humans behind the brand! A.k.a. your team, who keep the whole thing running like a well-oiled machine that runs on elbow grease and caffeine.

Here’s one way to implement this:

Create short “get to know me” videos introducing those team members who interact with your customers — potential or present ones — on the regular.

Naturally, this would include anybody in a customer support role, but also:

  • People who run your social media
  • Employees in charge of customer-facing project management
  • Marketing consultants and managers who work with customers

And so on.

Of course, you don’t have to stop there. You could make introduction videos for every single person on your staff if you wanted to! But at the very least, doing it for customer-facing team members is a no-brainer.

Pro tip: This strategy is especially valuable if you have dedicated account managers / support reps who handle the same clients or customers over a long period of time. In that case, introduction videos can help start the relationship on the right foot pretty much immediately!


5. Deliver live support and education with video

Live video is quickly becoming a mainstay in marketing — but it has many more promising uses beyond that.

For example, you can leverage video live streams to educate customers about your solution, and even deliver on-demand personalized support to anybody who wants it!

Here’s how both of these modalities can look like in practice:

  1. Webinars, workshops, and other structured education. Teach your customers something valuable about your product or service in a live, interactive format, and answer their questions at the end. These educational events can even attract new customers to your brand!
  2. Live “office hours.” Create a dedicated space for customers to drop by, ask questions, get immediate solutions, and leave satisfied. Think of this as a cross between a traditional support live chat — only with live video as the medium, as opposed to text.

Now, you want to be extremely judicious about how you use #2, if at all. It works wonders for dealing with super complicated issues your customers / clients might face that require in-depth, detailed explanation… 

…but for almost everything else, it’s honestly not the best use of your team’s time.

However, #1 can be a terrific addition to any company’s marketing and support toolbox. So if you haven’t hosted your first webinar or workshop yet, maybe 2022 is the year that will change. Your customers will thank you!


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