Want to supercharge your press release for maximum engagement? We’ve got the answer…(drumroll)…


Yeah, I know, we’re always talking about the awesomeness of video. How it does everything from cure a persistent case of hiccups, to striking fear and doubt into the hearts of all your “old school” competitors.

Use VideoBut it’s true! And there’s data to prove it.

According to PR Newswire, press releases that are souped up with video get three times the number of shares of ordinary (read: boring) text only press releases. Yes, you read that right – 3X!!!

But wait, there’s more!

People who open press releases containing video content are also going to spend up to 30 seconds more time engaging with it. If that doesn’t seem like much, consider the fact that most people generally only spend a few seconds on any given page.

Here are a few pro tips to maximize the impact of your video-supercharged press release:

  • Adding a video and a photo actually doubles the amount of engagement your press releases are likely to receive.
  • To reach the Holy Grail numbers quoted above, be sure to embed your video into your press release (links aren’t enough).
  • While longer videos have their place, press release videos are generally best when they’re under 2 minutes (remember, people who open press releases weren’t planning on watching a long video).
  • Keep the video relevant to whatever your news story is! It can be tempting to turn it into a commercial, but, try to resist.
  • Tag your video with your most important keywords to earn your press release maximum love from the major search engines.

So yes, the results are in: On the Internet, video makes everything better. Even press releases! And maybe the best news is that most of your competitors probably aren’t taking advantage of this yet, giving you an even bigger “first strikers” advantage.

So remember: Next time you send a press release out into the battlefield, make sure you arm it with video. After all, why equip it for mere survival, when you can turn it into an engagement-generating machine instead?