For many entrepreneurs, “video marketing” might as well mean “video advertising.” 

Their idea of a marketing video begins and ends with a lead gen ad — an important asset, to be sure… but probably not the most effective choice for most entrepreneurs. 

Outside of this narrow application, video can be astonishingly versatile and flexible. You can deploy video literally at every point of your sales funnel, and it would fulfill different marketing functions every time! 

Here, let me show you…

Today, I’m going to share with you 9 types of marketing video that you can use in your lead funnel to drive traffic, lead signups, engagement, and sales. We’ll do 3 video formats per stage, for 3 stages in total.

Sound good? Then let’s get started!


Top-of-funnel marketing videos: attract, qualify, capture

At this early stage, your customers are just going about their business, tragically unaware that your brand even exists. That means, your one job as an entrepreneur is to make them aware.

Actually, scratch that — it’s more like 3 distinctive jobs:

  • Earn your leads’ attention while they’re completely cold and know nothing about you.
  • Immediately qualify whether or not they would be a good fit for your business.
  • Capture them into your audience: as followers, subscribers, or even prospects.

So what kind of video should you leverage in order to attract, qualify, and capture new leads?

Well, I would recommend a combo of these three formats…


1. How-to videos and tutorials 

Your customers may not be aware of your company, or the products and services you are selling…

…but they are absolutely aware of the problems your business is solving. And painfully so!

The very fact that they are struggling with said problems is what makes them your target customers. And this is how you’re going to get their attention.

Craft a how-to video that meets people where they are, offers a solution to a prominent pain point, and invites them to stick around. It’s a simple yet incredibly compelling formula — use it!


2. Bespoke social videos

Why “bespoke”? Because simply reposting every video you make to your socials isn’t going to work as a marketing strategy.

Twitter users have completely different expectations from videos than, say, FB users, or TikTok users, etc. Not to mention that each social site has their own standards for video length, size, aspect ratio, and so on. A spray-and-pray approach won’t do here!

So yes, you should absolutely leverage social videos to grow your following and hopefully drive some traffic to your site… but create them with specific social media sites in mind.

Or at least repurpose them intelligently! I won’t tell anyone. *wink*


3. Trend videos

Every now and then, an event / topic / controversy / piece of media / person captures the public imagination — and becomes the topic of conversation for a while.

Then, something else happens that dethrones the discourse darling du jour (sorry, couldn’t resist the alliteration)… and the cycle begins anew.

Like, remember how everything online became about COVID-19 in the spring of 2020?

That’s what I’m talking about.

You can love trend-focused content or you can hate it, but the truth is — it’s a useful technique to get more eyeballs on your videos from people who might not have found you normally.

Just, whenever you do a trend video, make sure that:

  1. It contributes a fresh perspective instead of just recycling the same information.
  2. The trend you’re piggybacking on is at least loosely connected with your industry.

If you can do that, then you can be trusted with trend videos!


Middle-of-funnel videos: educate, differentiate, build goodwill.

Once your leads have gone from cold to warm, it must be time to make the offer and get that sale, right?

Hooold your horses there, partner! Not so fast.

Here’s the deal: out of all the new leads you generate in your business, only a tiny fraction are ready to buy right away. Marketo puts the number at 4% in their lead gen guide, but even that sounds optimistic.

Your primary focus at this stage should be:

  • Educating leads about how your offer can help them achieve their goals, solve their problems, or both.
  • Set your company and product / service apart from the competition, because your prospects are definitely comparison shopping!
  • Continue to deliver ongoing, massive value to your leads with no strings attached.

Let’s see which video types will fit these objectives!


1. Comparison videos

Want to show your customers that your solution is the best fit for them, so they don’t choose a competitor over you? Then give them an easy, crystal-clear way to compare your offer against others on the market.

A comparison video is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition and demonstrate what makes you product / service different and special. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t wanna name and shame my competition!” 

Don’t worry — you won’t have to… unless you really-really want to.

It’s more than enough to compare and contrast your offer against unnamed “other providers / companies” or the industry at large — and its woefully inadequate “standards.” This will give you more than enough opportunities to differentiate yourself!


2. Explainer videos

I’m biased, but I believe that any video marketing strategy should leverage explainers to drive conversions. Ditto if your company has a sophisticated product or service that you struggle to explain quickly, clearly, and in a compelling way to prospects.

But even unsophisticated offers can shine with new colors when presented through an explainer video — because you can easily direct viewers’ attention to key advantages like:

  • How easy it is to use
  • Desired results
  • Super straightforward process
  • Risk reversal

And more.

Bottom line is: if you’re not using explainer videos to nurture leads, then you are choosing the path of greatest resistance. It’s time to stop sleeping on them — here’s a guide to get you started!


3. Product-specific tutorials / demos

Now, we’ve already discussed general how-to videos and tutorials as a way to attract leads into your funnel…

Well, in addition to those, you can create tutorials and demos specifically about your product or service. This will help you:

  • Make your customers want to start using your solution.
  • Clearly demonstrate its value in solving real problems your prospects struggle with.
  • Show off your product or service in a compelling, easy-to-understand way.

I love product-specific tutorials and demos. Because of how helpful they are, they never come across as salesy, but… 

…by making your solution look so valuable and awesome, they get your leads “pre-sold” on it even before you make the offer. So good!


Bottom-of-funnel video assets: prove, reassure, convert

At this stage, your prospects are warmed up enough to take the leap and invest in your offer — all they need is a nudge in the right direction.

And that’s exactly what you’ll be providing with your marketing videos! A nudge here, a tug there, an inviting boop on the nose… oookay, this analogy has officially gotten away from me. 

What I mean is, your bottom-of-funnel videos should focus on:

  • Showing concrete, overwhelming proof that your product or service can deliver the results your prospects need.
  • Addressing potential objections and concerns that are bound to come up right before the buying decision.
  • Actually making the offer and converting prospects into happy paying customers (obviously)!

Let’s see which videos will get the job done…


1. Case study videos

As video marketing assets, case studies fulfill a two-pronged function. First off, they provide social proof by holding up another one of your customers as an example and basically saying:

“See? They got results, and they’re just like you!”

And secondly, they communicate the scope of results and transformation your offer can deliver — and do it in a very compelling way! Because you’re not tooting your own horn, but simply sharing someone else’s success story, it looks both more trustworthy and more impressive.

The moral of the story is, case studies are awesome and you should be using them all the time! This article can show you how to create one for your business.


2. Video testimonials

Testimonials are very similar to case studies — but whereas case studies have a rational, analytical component, testimonials are mostly emotional and story-driven.

Rather than showcase the details of somebody’s success, they delve into the raw essence of the story:

  • Who it’s about (preferably someone like your prospects)
  • How they used to struggle before discovering your offer
  • The dramatic moment your solution came to the rescue
  • The amazing “after” picture of their life right now

These are the basic ingredients of a great testimonial… and they work like a charm! If you’re not gathering them on the regular and incorporating them into your marketing assets, I highly recommend that you start doing that.


3. Sales videos

Sales videos are basically explainers with a much bigger job. They need not only to explain your offer in a clear and compelling way, but also to:

  • Agitate the prospect’s problem until it hurts
  • Paint a vivid picture of their dream results and outcomes
  • Counter objections and concerns quickly and decisively
  • Provide as much proof as possible for each claim of value
  • Secure the sale with a powerful and specific call to action

This is a lot of responsibility to put on a video… which is why you need a proven process to make sure that yours gets the job done. Some time back, we gave away our entire process for writing sales videos that convert — check it out here.

And if you’d like to create an effective sales vid for your business, you can request a quote from us here.

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