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In a world where everything is becoming commoditized, manufacturing companies find it harder than ever to get noticed, attract their ideal customers, and turn a profit.

But all is not lost — video marketing offers a path for growth…

Today, we’re going to examine how to use video marketing for manufacturing, step by step. By the end, you’ll know exactly where to start with video marketing if you have a manufacturing brand and want to grow your business.

Read on!

Step 1. Start with a solid video marketing strategy


Every manufacturing brand needs a good marketing strategy. So don’t think you can skip this step just because you’ll be using fancy videos!

Even putting together a bare-bones video marketing document will help you a lot. Here’s what your “minimum viable” strategy needs to include:

  • A measurable goal. Do you want to attract new customers? Are you after brand name recognition? Do you wish to drive traffic to your site and signups to your list? Your goal will inform what you do and how you measure your progress.
  • Your target market. Describe who they are, what they want, what they struggle with, and why they might want to buy from you. If your target market has different segments with their own goals and challenges, give each group a separate customer persona.
  • Your video marketing channels. This is essentially a list of places you will publish and promote your video content. But these aren’t just any places — they are where your target customers hang out and will surely see your content.
  • Your funnel. Internet randos don’t just magically become paying customers — they turn into them after going through your funnel. You need to map out your primary process that takes a stone-cold lead all the way to the sale and beyond. Check out point #1 of this post for a sample funnel that will give your some ideas.
  • Your content plan (to be updated every month). This is nothing more than a list of all the pieces of content you need to produce. You can make one a year or more ahead, or create a new one month to month — it all depends on your goals and preferred process.
  • (optional) A tracking document. This will contain the list of metrics you’re measuring over time. Now, you might have a cutting-edge analytics dashboard, for all we know — in which case, feel free to skip this one. But if you don’t, it’s still not a valid excuse to neglect your metrics! Type the numbers into a spreadsheet, draw them on a whiteboard, carve them on a clay tablet — just do whatever it takes to keep track of how your video content performs.

Now, let’s talk about the content itself…


Step 2. Produce content tailored to different steps in the funnel


Video marketing content for manufacturing follows the same core principle as any other kind of video marketing: show the right type of content for the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

You know who the people are, you know where they are… but what’s the right time — and the right type of content?

Well, the right time is just the combination of your customer’s stage of awareness and where they are in your funnel. And in turn, this dictates what kind of videos they will want to see.

For example, a serious prospect who’s comparing different manufacturers won’t care much about your educational content — but they will pay attention to any video that displays your unique value proposition and your competitive advantages.

And vice versa, a cold lead googling manufacturing brands for a project they might do in the future would be more interested in your educational or entertaining content. Mentally, they simply aren’t in the place to appreciate your competitive advantage over other manufacturing brands.


If you want your video marketing efforts to succeed, then you’ll need to tailor your content not only to the specific customer persona but also to the stage of awareness they’re in. It sounds complicated, but don’t worry — as long you understand your target market, you’ll have no problem zeroing in on what they want and when!


Step 3. Solve problems first, sell your product second


Here’s a good rule of thumb for your video content: keep a healthy balance of 70% helpful content vs. 30% of “salesy” content. Here’s why:

Chances are, your potential customers are spoiled for choice. Your competitors are trying everything to grab their attention, including dance routines and yelling, “Pick me!” as loud as they can. Fine, maybe they aren’t resorting to those, exactly — but guess what?

When your video marketing hard-sells your manufacturing brand, it’s just as annoying, if not more so.

Set yourself apart from the noisy pack and invest your time, money, and energy into creating video content that’s helpful. Imagine that you are your prospects’ most trusted advisor — which problems would you help them solve? For example, if you see a lot of potential buyers who straight-up don’t know how to find a good manufacturer and work with them, create video content that teaches them how. Take them under your wing even before money changes hands — and ask nothing in return.

Yes, they can use your advice to take their business elsewhere. But why would they? The brand that helpfully explained to them what to do and saved them weeks of research and organizational headaches is right here!

Despite the fact that video marketing for manufacturing is now everywhere, you don’t see many brands applying this principle. Most of them are still trying to push sales-y content on prospects who, frankly, have had enough.

This is a golden opportunity for your manufacturing business to stand out. So seize it — this fruit doesn’t get any lower-hanging!


Step 4. Test other ways to use video marketing for manufacturing


Video content isn’t a one-trick pony! You can use it for a lot more than turning leads into customers.

For example, you can use video marketing for manufacturing to:

  • Onboard new customers and build stronger relationships with them — managing expectations, helping them solve any problems, and increasing the chances they’ll buy again.
  • Recruit new business partners who will promote your manufacturing brand and distribute your products to more buyers than you can manage on your own.
  • Reach top-quality candidates to work at your company, so you can build an exceptional team and accelerate your growth even more.
  • Train your employees to help them do their jobs better, which in turn will make your business more efficient.
  • Attract new referrals from existing customers. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of marketing, and video content will help you use it more effectively.

And more! When it comes to using video marketing for manufacturing, the sky’s the limit — only you decide how best to deploy this incredible growth tool in your business!

That said, we can give you a few pointers…


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