I have a truly special episode in store for you today, dear listeners! 

It’s a rare opportunity to sit down and interview one of your all-time business and marketing heroes… but here we are.

(By the way, whoever it was that said to “never meet your heroes” — buddy, you missed out, and I feel bad for you!)

Long-time subscribers, listeners, and followers have heard me geek out about her countless times, and share the many insights I’ve learned from her. 

…Well, now you get to hear the business-boosting wisdom straight from the source.

My guest of honor on today’s show is a woman of many accomplished talents. She hosts one of the top business podcasts, Online Marketing Made Easy. She is the world’s foremost authority on digital courses, and everything related to creating and marketing them. She is an unstoppable genius of sales, marketing, and personal branding. And she is so much more than any number of flattering labels I choose to describe her in this article.

I’m talking, of course, about Amy Porterfield

Amy is THE Queen of digital course creation and marketing — and today on the podcast, she will share some of her most profitable lessons with you.


Digital courses: your #1 untapped business opportunity

For ANY kind of business online, courses represent a path towards abundance and freedom.

Are you getting bogged down with 1:1 client work and dreading every day there are calls on your calendar? Courses can unshackle you from the constant grind of client work, and give you the freedom to work ON your business — as opposed to IN your business.

Do you have a side hustle or hobby that you want to turn into an independent venture, getting paid off what you truly love? Digital courses could be the ticket. There’s no simpler way to monetize your skills and passions, and build a sustainable business around them!

Do you not care about any of that “passion” or “freedom” stuff, and just want to install an extra high-margin, low-maintenance revenue stream in your existing business? Amy Porterfield is in the house and ready to guide you!

Whatever your motivation to tangle with digital course creation (hey, it rhymed!), this interview is going to be a straight-up game changer for you. I have never met anyone with the same depth and scope of knowledge in the field on digital courses as Amy — certainly no one who’d be anywhere near as generous to share it with other people!

Amy’s generosity and expertise are what make today’s episode a total game changer for anyone looking to augment their business with online courses. If that’s you, then feast your eyes on all the lessons, tips, and takeaways you will learn on this week’s show…


What you will learn from Amy’s interview:

Here’s just a brief taste of what Amy and I will cover in our extensive interview:

  • How Amy went from a cushy corporate gig to striking out on her own as an entrepreneur, and grew a multimillion-dollar online business from scratch (I love how she became an online marketing legend almost by accident!)
  • Can YOU turn your existing skills and knowledge into a profitable digital course? Amy says yes — and she will prove it right there during our interview, using what she calls “the 10% rule.”
  • What if… somebody else is already teaching your chosen course topic? (Gasp!) Don’t worry: Amy will show you how to stand out from even the most oversaturated digital course niche, and carve out a space and a devoted audience for yourself.
  • How to produce a high-quality course if you hate being on video. If even the thought of being on camera makes you want to curl up in a lil’ prickly ball like some kind of business hedgehod… that’s OK. Amy will show you how to create your course despite all that!
  • Building unstoppable content creation skills and habits to promote your online business and your digital course. Amy will share her own journey overcoming barriers with content creation, and share actionable tips for you to do the same.
  • What your exact first steps should be when creating your digital course. Amy will give you her exact framework for picking your course topic and validating it with your potential buyers.
  • Amy’s absolute favorite case studies from the course creators she has mentored, and what YOU can learn from them and implement in your business.

And more. Now, without further ado, please enjoy my business-boosting conversation with Amy Porterfield!

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