Video SEO is about to become even more essential for growing your brand than before.

Google owns two of the world’s biggest search engines: Google itself… and YouTube. So, of course, it has a massive stake in improving video search results for internet users.

For business owners and professional marketers, this is good news. Mostly.

Why “mostly”? Because playing catch-up with search algorithms can be exhausting and overwhelming. Every pro marketer I know has war stories about Google (or another tech giant like FB, Insta, etc.) tweaking something in their algos — and throwing a wrench in their fine-tuned marketing machine. 

Stuff like that can put grey hairs on your head and stress lines on your face, and I’m not even kidding!

But as unexpected as those changes may be, adapt to them we must. At least, if we want to keep driving organic search traffic to our marketing videos.

And I’m here to help, along with my guest on this week’s show — the one and only Christina Skillman.

In today’s episode of Video Marketing Secrets, Christina and I are looking “under the hood” of Google’s new Video Indexing Report. We’re going to discuss the changes that Google made to its video SEO process, and how they will impact marketers and business owners who use video. Which, last time I checked, was… almost all of us.

But before we dive in, let me tell you a few words about Christina, and why I’m so thrilled to learn from her.

Christina Skillman is the CEO and Creative Director of Skillman Video Group. She comes from a background in cable TV industry, where she has worked for over 7 years, and corporate video production. In 2005, Christina leveraged her expertise to establish Skillman Video Group and help business owners to engage and convert their ideal prospects through video.

In Christina’s own words, “I unveil the souls of companies and connect them to their tribes through creative video content.” 

And boy, is she good at it! (As you’re about to learn from our interview.)

Besides nerding out over video SEO, Christina and I will cover how to make a knockout first impression with your video content, the #1 thing most companies completely miss when producing videos, and the biggest action step you can take to make Google love your videos and put them in front of your desired audience.

I have learned a ton from our conversation, and I’m sure you will, too. So give that Play button above a click, and enjoy this week’s episode! Oh, and don’t forget to peep the show notes below for extra links and resources.


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