Hey, this is Summer coming at you with a huge announcement… 

We’re starting a new podcast! You’re looking at Episode 0 of “Video Marketing Secrets | Simple Strategies for Outragerous ROI.” This is a new show from The Draw Shop (and yours truly), teaching entrepreneurs like you how to grow your business, cultivate a diehard audience of fans, and become THE go-to authority in your industry — all through the power of video. 

Every week or so, I’ll be coming to you with a short episode, teaching simple, devastatingly effective, and ready-to-implement video marketing insights, tactics, strategies, and principles that will help you generate outrageous ROI for your business.

To learn more about the show, what you can expect from our first 4 episodes, and how to get access to Episode 1 that’s already out, click the Play button below to listen to Episode 0 — or read the transcript right underneath.

This is going to be a wild ride, and I’m SO happy to have you join us. Let’s get started!


Video Marketing Secrets #0: Your Sneak Peek Tour

Imagine you’re walking into a room… but not just any room. 

This one goes on forever — and it’s crammed with millions upon millions of people. 

And they won’t shut up! They are all talking, YELLING over each other, each hoping that you might hear them over everyone else. 

THAT… is how your customers feel every second they are online. 

They are on the receiving end of an unstoppable barrage of thousands and thousands of messages. All clamoring for their attention. All trying to sell something. All blending into a slurry of content — homogenous and forgettable.

Be honest: how do you rate YOUR chances to stand out in this cacophony and attract your ideal customers? Even “one in a million” sounds too optimistic!

But what if you had the power to carve through the noise like chainsaw through toilet paper — and CAPTIVATE your dream audience?

What if you were able to magnetize your ideal prospects 24/7 — and convert them into lifelong customers or clients for your business?

And what if you could effortlessly outshine ALL competition… even in a crowded industry teeming with big-name players?

Well, you can! Allow me to show you how.


Introducing “Video Marketing Secrets” — a new podcast by The Draw Shop

Hello and welcome to the show! Thank you so much for joining us.

I am your host Summer Mulder, Founder and CEO of The Draw Shop video marketing agency. For more than a decade — since 2011, to be exact — I’ve been helping entrepreneurs like you to multiply their revenue and become industry leaders… all through the power of video.

Over the years, I’ve had countless business owners approach The Draw Shop with the exact same problem: they simply couldn’t get their message out in front of ideal customers without putting them to sleep!

All those entrepreneurs needed help crafting messages that would make jaws drop, eyes light up, and sales happen. They wanted clarity. They wanted passion. They wanted PURE PERSUASIVE POWER.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

My team and I have spent over a decade figuring out, implementing, and refining the most high-converting video marketing strategies in service of our clients…

…and now, I’m proud to bring those same game-changing secrets to YOU with this weekly show!

In the coming episodes, I’ll be sharing with you the strategies, tactics, and lessons proven with over 7,000 clients across dozens of industries. 

To date, The Draw Shop has worked with household names like Twitter, Google, Harvard, Lockheed Martin, the United Nations, and others. In fact, we’ve helped businesses of every conceivable size — from Fortune 500s to mom and pop shops across North America!

Plus, we have collaborated with legendary marketers and business experts like Joe Polish, Amy Porterfield, Arianna Huffington, Todd Herman, Dan Sullivan, Cameron Herold, and others.

I’m not saying any of this to brag — well, maybe a tiny bit! But mostly, I’m sharing all this to let you know: we have plenty of experience in the trenches of video marketing, and we know EXACTLY what it takes to craft messages that convert.

And on this show, you will learn every single ROI-producing insight that my team and I have learned and refined over the years.

I can only hope that you will implement as many of those insights as possible in YOUR business — so you can grow just as my clients have grown. Or better!

And now, let me give you a quick taste of what you’re going to hear on Video Marketing Secrets during the month of July…


Here’s your sneak peek at our 1st month of content


Episode 1, July 7th (that’s today!)

We’ll begin with the big picture. The online business landscape is shifting fast, so how should you know that betting on video is the right strategic move?

That’s why in the first episode, I will guide you through the emerging trends that will define the next decade-plus of digital marketing — in video and beyond. I will show you how to leverage these shifts to future-proof your business, so it remains profitable and resilient through all the uncertainty.

I will also reveal how you can leverage video to obtain an “unfair advantage” when it comes to attracting your ideal customers — anywhere, anytime.

Click here to listen to Episode 1 now and get the transcript


Episode 2, July 14th

For Episode Two, I’m going to teach you THE most powerful lesson about video marketing that I’ve learned. And I’m talking ever! It will completely change how you approach video creation, and help you produce videos that engage and convert like gangbusters — every time.

Seriously, this is the next best thing to waving a magic wand to boost your conversions and sales. I mean, you’ll still have to do some work… but the RESULTS will come fast and furious.


Episode 3, July 21st

Episode Three is all about supercharging your marketing funnels with video. You will learn about five types of video assets that will accelerate your lead generation, your sales, your average deal value, your lifetime client value, and so much more! Even if you implement just ONE of those, you will see rapid and significant results.

And finally…


Episode 4, July 28th

In Episode Four I will show you the #1 mistake that you MUST avoid in your video marketing funnels. This alone will save you months of trial and error — and probably thousands of wasted marketing dollars. You’re welcome!

All this… is what you have to look forward to in just the FIRST MONTH of the Video Marketing Secrets podcast! If you stick around, as I hope you will, there will be plenty more value bombs in store for you, for months and years to come.


Time to learn some 7-figure video marketing secrets!

Here’s my promise to you:

I want this podcast to become your go-to resource for profitable and transformative video marketing strategies that are simple to implement, yet ridiculously effective.

Hold me to that, will you? 

Send your feedback, questions, suggestions, and love letters — to the show, not to me, I’m a married woman! — to [email protected]. I want to make this podcast as valuable to you as possible, and your feedback is crucial for making that happen.

And now, feel free to dive right into the first episode, which has already dropped by the time you’re listening to this! Find it on the podcast platform of your choice, or right here on the blog:

Click here to listen to Episode 1 now and get the transcript

I will see you momentarily, in the next episode of Video Marketing Secrets. This is Summer Mulder, signing off.