Tell me something, dear listener: 

Are you totally happy with your marketing funnel? Does it bring in as many leads as you can handle, or convert as well as you’d like? 

It’s okay… you can say it. 

To be honest with you, in over 20 years of working in different marketing roles, I’ve never met a business owner who would answer “yes” to those questions. 

There’s always room for improvement, no matter how well-optimized your funnel seems. There’s ALWAYS untapped potential that might spur new growth. 

…It’s unlocking it that’s the tricky part.

When most entrepreneurs want to get more out of their marketing funnel, their go-to solution is… well… putting MORE into it. More traffic. More ad spend. More emails. More leads.

And on a certain level, it makes sense.

Chasing more traffic and customers is an obvious, simple path towards growth — but it only brings linear returns. If you drive 1,000 more visitors to a landing page that converts at 2%, you’ll get 20 more leads. 

And that’s fine… but it’s not necessarily the best use of your time and energy.

Now, if you want EXPONENTIAL GROWTH, and not just incremental improvements, then you need a paradigm shift.

You need to start pursuing QUALITY over QUANTITY.

The shockingly simple strategy to 10X your funnel ROI

Why chase a 10% lift in traffic or conversions… when you could double, triple, or even QUADRUPLE your funnel’s performance if you play your cards right?

That’s what I like to prioritize for myself and my clients.

You see, I’m a big believer in “getting everything you can out of all you’ve got” — as legendary marketer and friend of The Draw Shop Jay Abraham would say. So when I look at a funnel, ANY funnel, my first instinct is not to scale it, or to change how it operates.

Instead, I look for opportunities to improve what’s already there. The low-hanging fruit, if you will. My favorite strategy for growing businesses is all about patching up “leaks” in the funnel: by boosting conversion rates, slashing bounce rates, increasing lifetime value, and so on.

Even minor improvements in these areas can create disproportionate results for your business. That’s why today, we’re going to explore a few strategies to create said improvements!

In this episode, I will show you 5 types of videos you can plug right into your existing marketing funnel as it is — without changing ANYTHING ELSE about it — and boost conversions and sales as a result.

BUT: before we can identify those opportunities for growth and optimization…

…we must first zero in on the areas that don’t perform.

So let us think about it together: 

What’s the first major dropoff point in your funnel? What’s costing you the MOST leads?

For most business owners, it’s right there at the tippy top — when anonymous traffic arrives at the landing page designed to convert it into specific leads.

That moment, right there, is where you will lose most of your potential customers or clients for good.

Why? Because the vast majority of strangers who end up on your landing page will NEVER become leads and prospects. In fact, as many as 90% of them will simply leave without so much as considering your message for two seconds!

It’s a huge loss — and a massive opportunity.

If you could recapture even 10% of those lost leads… imagine the kind of impact it would make on your bottom line.

Easier said than done, right? How would you even accomplish that?

Well, it’s a two-pronged operation.

First, you want to motivate visitors to hang around your landing page for long enough to hear your message.

And second, you want a way to bring back the people who bounce, so they have another exposure to your brand — and a renewed opportunity to convert.

So, with these two challenges in mind, there are two types of video assets that can solve them.


1. The landing page explainer video

If you build a video landing page, then you practically guarantee that visitors will spend more time on it — long enough to AT LEAST “get” your offer.

In fact, research shows that video landing pages have a 34% lower bounce rate… PLUS, people spend almost 1.5 times MORE time on pages with video than without! This alone can lead to higher conversions for your business.

Okay, well… How do you know if a landing page explainer video would benefit your business? 

Here’s my rule of thumb:

If your landing page converts at less than 10% right now, try to build an alternative version with an explainer video as a centerpiece. Then split test both of them for 30 days — and see which one outperforms the other.

OK, now what about recapturing visitors who end up on your landing page… but then nope out soon after, never to return?

To fix that, you want to turn to the ol’ reliable marketing video format, which we’re going to discuss next.


2. The humble video ad (but not just ANY video ad)

I’m talking about a remarketing, also known as retargeting, ad. It’s a type of digital advertising specifically designed to target past website visitors, and hopefully bring them back.

And WHY would you want to bring back someone who already visited your landing page and left? Well, remember: it takes multiple touch points to get a conversion — even a simple one like signing up to your email list. 

So instead of always chasing down new “cold” leads, why not focus your efforts on those who were already exposed to your message… and therefore have a higher chance to convert next time?

Besides, remarketing is SO much cheaper than “normal” PPC ads that anyone can do it even with a tight marketing budget. For the ROI it generates, I would say it’s essential!

Here’s what I would recommend:

Based on your landing page video, create a short 30-60 second video ad — you can literally just edit it down from your main video. Then, run it as a remarketing campaign with a small, fixed budget. Say, $10/day. And see what a difference it will make in your traffic-to-leads conversion rates!


…OK, so you’ve just heard about two ways to convert more traffic into leads and prospects. That’s the first major bottleneck in most marketing funnels.

Now, what is the NEXT one?

You guessed it — it’s turning qualified prospects into paying customers or clients!

For this, once again, I recommend two kinds of video assets: 


3. The social proof video

Usually, if a prospect already know what you’re about, but they can’t quite make the leap to become a paying customer, it means one thing:

They want reassurance.

They don’t feel certain that your offer is right for them, or that it can deliver the results they need — or both!

And at this point, you can restate your value proposition till your face is nice and purple from all the exertion; you can sing your own praises all you like… but it won’t make much of a difference to your prospect.

They are already skeptical, so they will take anything YOU have to say with a handful of salt.

If you want to convince them, then you’ve got to let someone else promote you instead!

For example, you can dazzle your prospects with an in-depth video case study. This will give you a chance to showcase a jaw-dropping transformation that a past customer has achieved thanks to you — and describe how your product or service has helped create it.

Connecting your value proposition to a real-life story from a customer or client is one way to persuade prospects who are on the fence about your offer.

Another way is to step back completely and give the spotlight to your past customers. Create a series of video testimonials — or a single video montage of testimonials — where everyone you’ve helped before simply talks about their experiences with your product or service.

Letting your track record speak for itself like that can be scary… but trust me, it is INCREDIBLY powerful. Just a handful of evocative testimonials, or a single in-depth case study, can be more effective than an entire 4-week marketing campaign.

To implement the social proof video in your funnel, make it a part of your lead nurturing process. It’s the perfect asset to share the day before you introduce your offer, in order to create desire and demand among your prospects.

It also works brilliantly when you share it AFTER the offer — the next day, for example — to demonstrate that it works as advertised, and to counter potential objections.

Now, let’s explore another powerful video format…


4. The video sales letter (a.k.a. VSL)

Essentially, VSLs are a subset of explainer videos. But if “normal” explainers only need to nudge leads further down your funnel, video sales letters have a much, MUCH more difficult job.

They must pre-sell your prospect on your offer, as completely as possible, with the goal of getting them on a sales call — or even securing a sale right there on the landing page.

With a powerful VSL at your disposal, you can persuade someone to buy from you before they ever get on the phone. Heck, you can persuade them to buy from you AND place their order without the sales call ever happening!

A video sales letter can be a major time- and energy-saver for your sales team. If they only take calls with people who are ALREADY SOLD on your product or service, that means they will close more deals in way less time than before. It can even replace your sales team entirely — or free their time to focus only on the highest value prospects.


Okay, so:

At this point, we’ve covered converting traffic into leads and prospects, and turning prospects into paying customers — or clients. So what is even left?

Well, one of the main reasons why companies struggle with cash flow and revenue is…

…they don’t generate enough REPEAT BUSINESS from long-term customers and clients.

It is significantly harder to acquire new buyers than it is to keep existing ones. So if you can create a lasting relationship with everyone who purchases from you for the first time, and turn them into lifelong, repeat buyers… your business will thrive. Simple as that.

That’s why your marketing funnel doesn’t simply END after money changes hands, and a prospect becomes a customer. Arguably, that’s just the beginning!

And to start your hopefully long and prosperous relationship on the right foot, you need…


5. The onboarding video

An onboarding video is designed to welcome a new client or customer “into the fold,” so to speak, and address a whole bunch of important questions and concerns they might have.

It validates your first-time buyer in their decision, making them feel good about purchasing from you. It explains how and where they can get help and support, minimizing future friction and conflicts. And it teaches them how to get the most value out of your product or service, so they create brag-worthy results — and have a rock-solid reason to keep buying from you again and again.

It’s amazing how many things you can accomplish with ONE simple video asset!

Now, as far as implementation goes, I’m just going to recommend that you create an onboarding video, period — or even just a structured onboarding process, whether video-powered or not.

For obvious reasons, long-term customer relationships don’t unfold on a timescale that you can easily test… 

…but in my decade-plus experience, the more you care about your customers and clients AFTER money has changed hands, the more long-term loyalty and lifetime value you’ll get out of this. Not to mention, it’s simply the right thing to do!


Okay, you have learned about FIVE potential video assets to implement in your marketing funnel — so you can generate more leads, land more paying customers or clients, and dramatically boost the lifetime value of every single buyer.

So now you’re probably asking yourself… which one should you start with?


Want to grow your leads and sales ASAP? Start here

My advice: invest in a landing page explainer video OR a video sales letter. Either or both of these can create a MASSIVE lift in conversions and revenue for your business, no matter what you sell.

For example, one of our clients, Mimic Technologies, was able to book an extra quarter million in revenue, in just 45 days after implementing their video! That’s the kind of ROI that could be in the cards for you if you choose to invest in an effective video marketing asset.

If that’s something you want to explore with my team, drop us a line at [email protected] — or visit this page to get a risk-free quote.

Aaand that’s all I have for you today. On the next week’s episode, I’m going to reveal the #1 devastating mistake that can ruin your video marketing funnel… Stay tuned!