Are you looking to generate more leads and sales with video?

Do you want to “crack the code” on engagement and build a passionate audience of not just customers… but FANS, who see you as the go-to authority in your space?

Then I have two words for you:

Live video.

Live streaming is the fastest-growing type of video content right now, and for good reason. For starters, it’s THE most effective way to engage your best prospects, a.k.a. the most active, most ready-to-buy part of your audience. If someone is dedicated enough to show up and watch you live, then they may just be interested enough to buy from you. That alone makes live video worth using — it’s an amazing tool for selecting and qualifying prospects.

But it doesn’t stop there! Live video also has the lowest barrier to entry you could imagine. You don’t need sky-high production values, studios-full of fancy gear, or most of the time even a script. Just with your phone, your on-camera charisma and presence, you can host a riveting, high-engagement live  streaming experience.

Now, you might say, “But Summer, what if I don’t have on-camera charisma? Anytime I try to speak on video, I have all the charm and magnetism of a wet noodle. Maybe live video isn’t for me.”

You might say that… and you would be wrong! And on this episode of Video Marketing Secrets, I’m going to prove it.

First off, if you’re not great on video, don’t worry. Nobody is when they start. Charisma isn’t something you’re born with — it’s a skill that you can develop, like most things. And today, I brought one of the best teachers in the live video game to help!

For today’s episode, I’m joined by Gary Cassady, Co-Founder of BizCommander — a company supporting coaches, consultants, and advisors in growing million-dollar practices. Gary is THE most passionate advocate for live video I’ve ever met, and he’s an expert at making it work for almost any business.

Seriously: throughout his career, Gary has worked with breweries, real estate investors, insurance agents, vaccum cleaner salespeople, and even farmers, helping them grow their businesses using live video. And if something as fun and thrilling as… *checks notes* an insurance business can manage to host engaging live broadcasts? You should be feeling really good about your potential with this new and exciting format!

(To any insurance folks reading this… I was kidding! Almost entirely.)


Are you brave enough to try live video to grow your business? Then Gary and I have an episode brimming with actionable takeaways for you!

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to present yourself on camera with confidence and authenticity, even if you’re totally “green” at this live video thing
  • What to talk about in your live broadcasts, so your audience finds value in them (and keeps showing up)
  • When to show your personal side and display vulnerability VS when to keep it cool and professional
  • Simple, powerful tips for interacting with your audience and WOWing them with your live broadcasts
  • Plus: Gary’s favorite tips on streaming software and tech, and neat phone camera tricks

And more.

Enjoy this week’s episode, and stay tuned for more Video Marketing Secrets!


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