If you’re a business owner who wants each marketing dollar to go as far as possible, then I have a one-word tip for you:


Seriously, if you do ANY kind of content marketing, then content repurposing / amplification is probably your #1 untapped opportunity. Over and over again, I see companies invest money, ideas, energy, and time into creating scroll-stopping content — and simply stop there.

They will maaaybe reshare their brilliant blog post, video, or podcast episode on occasion, but that’s it.

One content asset = one “life.”

But it doesn’t have to be this way. And in the modern digital landscape, where businesses have to market on multiple channels if they want to succeed, it shouldn’t be this way. The same piece of content can have many lives, and move the needle for your business in many ways.

A video can become a podcast; a podcast can become a blog post; a blog post can become an infographic… and ANY of them can become bite-sized, high-engagement social media assets.

For example:

A single long-form video, or even a podcast episode like this one, could be converted into 40+ scroll-stopping social media posts! And it would take only minutes to do. Does that sound too ambitious to believe? Well, all I’m going to say is: just wait until you’ve listened to this week’s episode of Video Marketing Secrets — because I have a feeling my brilliant guest will convince you…

Joining me today is the brilliant Kate Bradley Churnis, Co-Founder and CEO of LatelyAI — one of the most unique content marketing tools I’ve ever seen. Thanks to the power of artificial intelligence, LatelyAI can take any video, blog post, or audio file, analyze it for high-engagement words and phrases… and slice it up into dozens of customizable social media posts. If you’ve ever struggled to fill your social media calendar with great content, you know how much time and energy such a tool can save you!

In the episode, you’ll hear me and Kate discuss how to leverage content repurposing and amplification to grow your brand presence, and how LatelyAI can help by doing all the heavy lifting for you.

On top of that, Kate herself is one of the most fascinating guests I’ve ever had the pleasure to talk to. She’s a former rock’n’roll DJ who used to serve twenty million listeners as Music Director and on-air host at Sirius/XM. Kate is also an award-winning radio producer, engineer, and voice talent with twenty-five years of national broadcast communications, brand-building, sales, and marketing expertise.

Kate has appeared as a guest speaker on hundreds of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial podcasts and has led presentations for Walmart, Ericsson, SAP, National Disability Institute, IRS, United Way Worldwide, SaaStr, SXSW, Content Marketing Institute, HubSpot, Hootsuite, Harvard University, Columbia University, NYU, and others.

What a resume! Incredible.

Whether you’re curious about AI-powered content marketing, or you simply want to learn how to make the absolute most of each content asset you produce — video or otherwise — I hope you enjoy today’s episode. So give that Play button above a gentle tap and listen to our interview! And afterwards, don’t forget to check out the show notes with extra links and resources for the episode.


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