Are you B2B? As in, do you sell products or services to other businesses?

Then video marketing should be your #1 tool to attract, nurture, and convert new buyers.

Why? For two very good reasons:

  1. 59% of senior executives prefer video over any other type of online content… AND
  2. Emotional, compelling video marketing is the best way to drive your prospects to take action.

Now, you might be saying, “Emotional? But Summer, I thought that businesses always made perfectly rational buying decisions, and only cared about data!”

Well, the truth is: even in B2B, you do business with other people, first and foremost. The most efficient companies on earth are run by folks just like you or me. And they are as prone to emotional decision-making as anyone else.

So if you want to have a better chance of closing B2B leads… you have to get comfortable with emotional marketing and messaging.

Okay, so that’s one way B2B video marketing is similar to B2C — but how is it different?

Well, for starters:

  • There are usually more stakeholders and decision-makers involved, so your marketing videos often have to appeal to several audiences at once.
  • The sales cycles are longer, and the average deal value is exponentially higher, so strategy matters more than ever.
  • Focusing on conversions and targeting will serve you much better than obsessing over traffic and “going viral”

What do these and other differences mean for your business? And how can you build a high-converting B2B video marketing strategy right now?

I’m going to answer these and many other questions on today’s episode of Video Marketing Secrets. And joining me this week as my guest and resident luminary of B2B video excellence — is Leo Falkenstein!


Dear listeners, meet Leo

Leo is the Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Consume Media — a full-service marketing agency based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Leo is a lifelong hockey fan and player, and a total fanatic when it comes to the band Grateful Dead. He also has one of the keenest video marketing minds I have ever seen, and brings his formidable chops to our interview!

In this episode, here’s just a taste of what you will learn from me and Leo:

  • The key components of any B2B video marketing strategy
  • Leo’s favorite video creation strategies for business owners
  • The best platform to share your videos on (it’s not “the one that’s hot right now”)

And much, much more.

I hope you enjoy today’s episode — just hit that Play button at the top of the page, and get listening! And don’t forget to check out the show notes below, because you might just pick up a useful resource or two for yourself.


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