3 Underrated but Effective Video Promotion Strategies for Your Content

There are two kinds of video promotion strategies. 

The ones that you’re supposed to do, like posting on social media, emailing your list, or bugging influencers for a share. You know — the basic stuff that works well enough… but doesn’t quite blow you away. 

And then there’s the other kind. Strategies and tactics that take some work (and a lot of creativity) to implement properly…

…but can generate a lot more ROI for your business than the cookie-cutter tactics everyone else keeps doing!

Today, let’s talk about those, shall we?

In this week’s article, we’ll show you 3 highly effective video promotion strategies that will help you get more viewers, generate buzz about your videos, skyrocket engagement, and build a loyal following of fans.

Read on, and you will learn:

  • Why you should not post your best videos to YouTube or social media (and how to promote them instead)
  • 2 video promotion tactics that will energize your existing audience and attract tons of new viewers to your content
  • How to make sure as many new viewers as possible stick around and become loyal fans of your videos

And more. Let’s dig in!

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1. Attract more viewers to your website with supporting content

Here’s an idea:

Do not publish your best video content to YouTube. Save it for your website instead.

Why? Because on your site, you have complete control of the viewing experience. The layout, the design, the copy, the navigation, the calls to action — all of it. But on third-party platforms like YouTube, you’re at the mercy of another company’s priorities, design philosophy, and whatever random change they’re A/B testing that day.

Now, you might say, “But then I won’t be getting any traffic! I can’t just not use the biggest video distribution platform in the world!” And that’s a great point… 

…except you will be using it! Just in a slightly different way.

You will:

  1. Create supporting content that entertains people and stokes their interest in your “main” videos.
  2. Distribute it to YouTube and any other video-friendly platforms your target audience uses.
  3. Direct those new viewers to your website and those amazing videos you’ve worked so hard to make.

Now, you already know what “supporting content” is. You’ve seen it countless times! Just think of movie trailers, late night interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, celebrity Q&As, bloopers, cut content, deleted scenes… and much, much more.

All of these are examples of supporting content — something created to build anticipation, spark curiosity, and attract viewers to “the real deal” (aka the main piece of content).

Videos like that are easy to create and optimize — and they help you leverage YouTube’s algorithms! For starters, watching a short, entertaining video is a small commitment most people will happily say yes to. Plus, once a viewer has watched one video by you, YouTube is very likely to recommend your content to them again.

And when you’re using a giant website hosting billions of videos, both of these things are incredibly important!

Go ahead: brainstorm some ideas for supporting content right now!

  1. Choose one valuable video you’d like to promote — any long-form, informative piece will work great, like an interview, a talk, a series of video tutorials etc.
  2. Ask yourself: what type of short video could you create to attract viewers to the “main” piece? It could be a trailer, a blooper reel, a collection of highlights, extras, and more. Write down 3-5 ideas.
  3. Pick one idea you like the most, and run with it! In time, you’ll build a library of awesome supporting content that will drive a steady stream of traffic to your site — and your best marketing videos.

2. 10x your audience reach with contests and giveaways

How do you get people to spread the word about your video content? Two words: “free stuff!” Nothing puts viewers in a sharing mood quite like the chance to win something neat.

And the prize doesn’t even have to be all that amazing! Of course, if you have the budget to promise your audience something really nice, then go for it. But companies have run successful giveaways with t-shirts, pens, mugs, free products and services, promocodes, socks, stickers, and all kinds of other small incentives.

The perfect prize for your giveaway is something that your target audience finds valuable… but other people don’t.

For example: if you make videos for digital artists, an iPad would not be a great prize. Yes, it’s an awesome gadget for people who draw a lot — but everybody else will want it, too! So instead, go for something more aligned with your audience’s interests — e.g. a 2-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, or a professional drawing tablet that’s not an iPad.

Contests offer another great way to boost engagement on your videos. As with giveaways, contests usually revolve around a valuable prize of some kind. But to get it, your audience will have to do something beyond just sharing your most recent video.

This task could be as simple as:

“Whoever writes the best comment on this episode gets a copy of my new book for free.”

…or as complicated as:

“Pitch yourself as a guest on our upcoming show! If we pick you, you’ll win an all-expenses-paid trip to our LA studio to get interviewed by our CEO.”

Contests and giveaways work especially well if you run a regular video show — but you can use them to promote standalone content, too!

Here are just some great excuses to run a contest or a giveaway:

  • Celebrate a milestone, like your company’s anniversary or hitting a certain number of subscribers/views.
  • Generate buzz for a new video ahead of its release.
  • Get more views and shares on a brand-new piece of video content.
  • Delight new viewers — e.g. when you’re doing a collaboration with an influencer or a partner brand, and you want to impress their audience.
  • Get user-generated content that you can turn into marketing assets and use in your campaigns.

3. Grow a loyal following of viewers with content upgrades

Having an established audience of subscribers is a great way to guarantee that your marketing videos won’t launch to crickets.

Even if you don’t promote your videos heavily (although you should), you’ll always have an engaged group of viewers who will watch, like, comment, share, and take action on your content.

So how do you grow an audience like that?

Well, you could do what everybody else does and end your videos with a vague call to action: “we publish new videos every single week — subscribe so you don’t miss our new content!”

Or you could go the extra mile and give your new viewers something valuable, related to the video they just watched. This is known as a “content upgrade” — a useful bonus resource that expands on the topic you’ve covered in the video…

…and that you can offer to people in exchange for their email address.

Think of it as a standard lead magnet, except it’s custom-made for each specific video. So, for example: let’s say that you run a recruiting company, and you’ve recently created a very detailed, helpful video about negotiating your salary as a job seeker.

What would make a solid content upgrade for it? Well, you could…

  • Transcribe the entire video and create a nice-looking PDF to give away as a bonus. Same goes for additional assets like slides or graphics you’ve used in the video.
  • Create a “salary negotiation checklist” for people to use when they prepare for job interviews, and offer that as your content upgrade.
  • Write some word-for-word conversation scripts to help your viewers handle tricky questions about compensation — very useful!
  • Give away a case study of one of your past clients who successfully negotiated a high salary and a sweet signing bonus using your tips.

And we’re barely scratching the surface here! There are tons of content upgrade ideas you could use to convert new viewers into loyal subscribers. Check out this article for even more suggestions.

Now, like all the other strategies in this article, content upgrades take some work to implement. So if you want to test them, do this:

  1. Choose an existing video of yours that’s still getting views.
  2. Brainstorm and create one content upgrade for it.
  3. See if you get a boost in conversions (hint: you probably will!)

If the experiment is successful, rinse and repeat these steps until all of your most popular videos have been content-upgraded. And then you can start doing it for every new video you create!

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