Weekly Video-Rand Fishkin


In a recent blog post on non-obvious ways to help you establish yourself as a thought leader, Moz founder (and former CEO) Rand Fishkin gave a nod to the unique power of online video in helping you build your reach and influence amongst your target audience.

According to the “Wizard of Moz,” one of the keys to the success of his Whiteboard Friday strategy in establishing what he calls “the brand of ‘Rand as thought leader’” is the regular schedule of videos, which created something viewers could expect and look forward to each week to help them grow their businesses.

But even if you aren’t ready to commit to releasing a new video every single week, there are still some great ways to use this exceptionally powerful medium to help boost your credibility and influence over your tribe. Here are a few ideas for you.

1. Teach them something. One of the most enticing features of the whiteboard video is its unique ability to turn complicated concepts into bite sized nuggets. You’d be amazed at how effectively simply drawings can quickly give people the frame of reference they need to understand something that seemed impossible to anyone trying to “just explain it” to them. This makes it an ideal tool for turning you into a much appreciated thought leader.

2. Challenge the status quo. Thought leaders often earn their status precisely because they don’t agree with conventional wisdom. But proving a contrarian point is an uphill battle, and you need every advantage you can get. Similar to its power to help explain the previously unexplainable, the whiteboard video can also help you build a case for your unique viewpoint or idea.

3. Rally the troops. The key word in “thought leader” is leader. You don’t want to ignore the role of emotion in influence, and whiteboard videos offer you a shareable (think viral) way to inspire people to action, which is ultimately what your thought leadership is all about in the first place.