Explainer videos are everywhere – and for good reason.

For many brands, they are the “secret weapon” for increasing conversions and turning visitors into buyers.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small business, you can benefit from a well-made explainer video in a number of ways: attracting high-quality leads, boosting your sales, maximizing customer lifetime value, even hiring top talent.

In today’s article, we’ll do our best to answer two simple questions:

  1. What are explainer videos, exactly?
  2. How can you use them to grow your business faster?

We know you’re probably anxious to get straight to #2 – let’s dig in, starting from the beginning!

What are explainer videos?

As you probably guessed, the clue is in the name.

Explainer videos tell your customers how your your business, product, or service works – and how it benefits them. When done right, they communicate a lot of information in a clear, concise, and engaging way.

Explainer videos are usually animated, because animation is the perfect vehicle for translating complex ideas into a simple language everybody understands. Any topic, no matter how sophisticated, can be made accessible with a combination of eye-catching visuals and narration.

And that’s exactly what explainer videos do!

But you can convey your business idea in dozens of different ways: with sales copy, one-on-one calls, demos, group trainings… you name it. So why should you choose explainer videos over other formats? What makes them so effective?

Here’s why explainer videos work so well

Having an idea explained to you doesn’t make it interesting. Not by itself, anyway. Since childhood, we all know that explanations can be mind-numbingly boring… or beyond exciting.

Explainer videos are no exception. When done poorly, they are just as boring as your high-school chemistry lessons were on any given day. But at their best, they make you curious – and emotionally invested – in any topic, from insurance, to robotics, to artificial intelligence, to biochemistry.

How is that possible? What’s kind of “secret sauce” that makes it possible?

Well, after producing hundreds of explainer videos for clients in dozens of industries, we can make some educated guesses. Here are some of the reasons explainer videos work:

  • They create an emotional response in the viewer. Great explainer videos don’t focus on justifying the value of your product or service rationally. Customers don’t respond to rational arguments nearly as well as everyone thinks. Instead, they connect the dots between the viewer’s dissatisfaction with the way things are – and the potential solution.
  • They show instead of telling. With the power of animation (and some top-notch copywriting), explainer videos transport the viewer into their desired future. To that perfect place where they lost that pesky belly fat, saved enough money for retirement, closed their biggest client yet, met their soulmate… you name it.
  • They simplify complex ideas. Explainer videos speak your viewers’ language. Usually it’s plain English – sometimes sprinkled with industry jargon your target market is familiar with. People love to pretend that they understand complex topics… but in reality, nothing is more satisfying than a simple explanation!

Best explainer videos follow the tried-and-true formula of great salesmanship. They get the viewer emotionally invested in a future outcome that’s good for them, and committed to take action. More importantly, they do it faster and better than any other marketing medium out there.

Now, let’s talk specifics. What are explainer videos good for? How can you apply them to your business?


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What are explainer videos good for?

Explainer videos are a versatile marketing tool. So it would be impossible to list every possible use for them in a single article. That said, we did put together a short list of ideas for you!

But keep in mind that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more, we invite you to download our free 10 Ways to Use a Whiteboard Video PDF.

For now, though, here are some of the obvious benefits of using explainer videos for your business:


  1. Increasing visit time. Most of your potential customers will spend very little time on your website before they close the tab and move on. An explainer video lets you capture their attention quickly and hold it for longer – long enough for you to present your offer and give them a call to action.
  2. Boosting conversions. Using video on your landing pages can increase your conversion rates by 20 percent or more. Same goes for click-through rates on your social media posts, your emails, and any other interactions your customers have with your brand. Nothing like engaging visuals to make you stand out from the sea of identical-looking content!
  3. Increasing brand awareness. With rare exceptions, customers don’t buy from you on their first visit. It takes multiple interactions to build enough trust for the sale to happen. With explainer videos, you can make that first interaction memorable enough that people will seek your brand out later, when they are ready to decide.
  4. Swaying undecided customers. And speaking of decisions – you should never assume that your product or service is your customers’ first and only choice. Most prospects will consider several alternatives before they commit to buying from you. Video is an excellent way for persuading undecided customers to pick you over your competition.
  5. Driving traffic. Video content is more attention grabbing, more shareable, and converts better than text, images, or audio. If you want more traffic to your website, explainer videos can be your ushers – attracting people from other platforms to your brand. Check out this article we wrote about all the different ways to use video for traffic generation.
  6. Building engagement. Customers who interact with your brand are the ones most likely to buy. You want to encourage those high-probability prospects to identify themselves by sharing your videos, commenting on them, emailing you about them, and clicking your calls to action. It’s not a guarantee of a successful conversion, but it’s a strong indicator of interest!
  7. Onboarding and retention. Sadly, many brands kind of “give up” on their relationships with customers after that initial sale. That’s why churn is such a huge challenge in many industries. You can use explainer videos to create an amazing customer experience that will encourage loyalty – and future purchases.


In our next article, we’re going to look at some of the best explainer videos we’ve ever seen – and figure out exactly what you can learn from them, so you can apply it to your marketing. Stay tuned!