Whenever people ask us, “Should I use whiteboard and cartoon animation video in my business?” – we find ourselves in a tricky position.

On the one hand, it’s really tempting to get excited and shout it from the rooftops that yes, of course they should… But let’s face it – we make whiteboard videos for a living! We’re biased.

The best way to decide for yourself is simply to watch one. And recently, we’ve been involved with a unique project that shows off perfectly how entertaining, powerful, and just plain catchy whiteboard and cartoon animation can be.

Check this out:


Also, it’s set to hip-hop lyrics instead of our usual voiceover – can’t beat that! P.S. The whiteboard and cartoon animation itself starts 1 minute into the video.

Now, there are several reasons we wanted to show off this video:

  1. Prince Ea is an very talented artist and a passionate activist, we had a blast working with him, and we wanted to share his work with you.
  2. Every non-advertising whiteboard video we make is very special to us, because we love showing off how creative our artists can be.
  3. But most importantly, this video demonstrates, better than we could ever articulate, the unique strengths of whiteboard and cartoon animation.

Those unique strengths are what makes it the perfect medium for your brand message. If you’re still on the fence about it, and if any of the questions you see below has ever crossed your mind, Prince Ea’s video can answer them for you.

Are you worried that whiteboard videos would clash with your live-action content?

This music video blends live action footage with hand-drawn animation seamlessly. It also cleverly embeds live footage inside the storyboard itself.

Does your subject matter put a layperson to sleep, and your messaging is easily misunderstood?

This video takes a mind-bogglingly complex socio-political issue, and breaks it down so that anyone would “get it” – even with zero historical, medical, or legal background.

In the past, we have done whiteboard videos on ISIS and a book about the Holocaust, among other things. It goes to show that whiteboard and cartoon animation is perfect for breaking down divisive, complicated, and intense topics – it can handle your brand message, too, with the care and nuance it deserves.

Not sure if a whiteboard and cartoon animation video is the best way to tell a memorable story?

Just check out all the subtle ways the visuals enhance and expand the meaning of the lyrics:

  • How two sets of artist’s hands wrestle for the pen, reflecting the two sides of the argument.
  • How all the “blink-and-you’ll-miss it” details – like inscriptions, and speech bubbles, and slogans – contribute to the message and the atmosphere.
  • How images on the storyboard get crossed out to make the viewer imagine an alternate future.

Now, this is a blog post on video marketing, not a film studies class. So the question you’re most concerned with right now is probably this one: “This is all well and good… but how does this help my business?”

Well, if you go watch Prince Ea’s clip on YouTube, and take a look at the view count, you will see that it got 394,000+ views, and counting… in just two weeks (at the time of this writing).

How would it help your business if hundreds of thousands of potential customers saw your content?

We’ll leave the answer to that one to your imagination!

Bottom line is, by 2017 video will represent 74% of all content online. That’s less than a year from now! To be noticed, to be shared, and to be listened to by your target market, you will want to create standout content that captures people’s attention.

And when it comes to grabbing attentions, whiteboard and cartoon animation videos have brain hooks (figuratively speaking)! If you want one of your own, you can always try our risk-free pow-wow.
P.S. To watch some of our past whiteboard and cartoon animation videos, you can visit our “Videos” page. And if you liked Prince Ea’s music video, you can check out more of his art here.