Whiteboard animations are an easy way to engage an audience. The energy drink company, Redbull, uses animation video ads to show various ways that “Redbull gives you wings.” The distinct, memorable, fun, and quirky characters have convinced people to buy this energy drink. So, let’s dive in to find out more about whiteboard animations.

What are Whiteboard Animations

This style of video is designed to look like the content is being handwritten or drawn in real-time on a whiteboard or white background. They are a great way to sell a product or describe a system more attractively and engagingly.

In the past, whiteboard animations were done manually, which was quite time-consuming. Today, the process has been simplified with technology and the introduction of whiteboard video maker software.

A whiteboard video maker is an online tool that comes pre-loaded with templates, characters, and optional professional voice-overs to make impressive whiteboard animated videos

Why Use Whiteboard Animations

If you are looking to jazz up your website with an engaging video, consider a whiteboard animation

Here is why:

It covers a lot of ideas at once:

Whiteboard animations are great for presenting different ideas to your audience at once without losing their interest. Since the animation is unfolding as the narrator explains, it is easy to follow through the presentation without getting bored

It helps explain complex concepts:

If you are releasing a unique product or service and it may seem too technical, a whiteboard animation will help explain it to your audience. People retain 95% of a message when they watch it, as opposed to when they read it

Reduces cost on hiring actors:

If you have limited resources to hire actors for a video ad, using a whiteboard animation will be the way to go. It also significantly saves time

Great for humor and storytelling:

Just like the Redbull ads, they infuse humor to sell the brand. In addition, your brand story can best be told using whiteboard animation. It is more memorable

If you want to enhance your business, invest in a good whiteboard video maker or engage the services of a good agency to create a video that will have your target audience talking about your product

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