It’s 2018, and the question is no longer, “Do I need video marketing?” (Yes!)

Now it’s more like, “Can you even succeed without video marketing?”

And the answer is: sure… but why make it harder on yourself?

When asked what type of content they want to see from a brand they support, 54% of consumers chose video (according to this study by HubSpot Research).

Video marketing is what your customers want to see. So give it to them!

In today’s article, we will examine what video marketing is, and how you can use it to grow your business. Strap in!

What is video marketing?

The classic definition of video marketing goes something like this:

Video marketing = using video content to promote your brand, product, or service

We prefer an even simpler interpretation – video marketing is what happens whenever your brand interacts with the world through video. This covers a gazillion ways in which businesses use video content today, like:

  • Selling directly to customers or clients
  • Recruiting job candidates
  • Generating leads and educating people
  • Approaching affiliates and influencers
  • Raising awareness on issues the brand cares about
  • Influencing public opinion
  • Raising capital from investors
  • Creating anticipation before a big launch
  • Training employees in policies and processes

And the list goes on and on like the Star Wars crawl! You get the idea.

Of course, “a gazillion ways” is an exaggeration. Still, there are hundreds of video marketing strategies your company could be executing. And with that in mind, instead of, “What is video marketing?” we want to be asking…

A better question: what is video marketing GOOD FOR?

Short answer: absolutely everything!

Long answer: you can use video content at every stage of your sales cycle and your customer journey to grow your brand. And not only that – video marketing can help you tackle many other monumental business challenges like hiring, employee training, pursuing strategic partnerships, and more.

But for the purposes of this article, let’s focus on four most critical areas:

  1. Attracting your potential customers
  2. Stoking their interest until they are ready to buy
  3. Selling to them
  4. Retaining their business for the long haul!

Chances are, you can use video marketing in your business to improve your performance in at least one of these.

Sound good? Then let’s examine each of these objectives and see how you can use video content to knock ‘em out of the park!

1. Get your brand in front of as many people as possible

What is video marketing best at? We would argue it’s getting noticed.

By its nature, video content stands out. For starters, it’s the fastest-growing traffic segment on the web. It’s 1,200% more shareable than text, or visuals, or audio. And to top it all off, it’s also the most memorable and engaging!

So if one of your priorities for your business is to attract as many new leads as you can, video marketing will be the best tool in your arsenal, bar none. Nothing else will give you the same “contagious” effect, or be as accessible, or stick in so many people’s heads.

Here’s a couple of ways you can use it:

  • Invest in valuable content marketing that solves your customers’ problems, like how-to videos and tutorials.
  • Attach your brand to topics and causes your customers care about, to communicate to them that you share their values and interests.


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2. Nurture your leads until they are ready to purchase

Customers hardly ever buy after their first encounter with your brand.

Some experts say that you need multiple meaningful interactions to “warm people up” to the idea of handing over their hard-earned cash. Others believe that all you can do is build trust and keep your brand presence fresh enough in your customers’ minds that, when they reach a buying decision, they think of you

…and not the competition.

Regardless of where you stand in this debate, the outcome is clear: you want to nurture your customers at every stage of their journey. And there’s only one way to do so: deliver value in a memorable way that inspires action (this last part is optional, though desirable).

Said value could be about:

  • Educating people about your product or service. You can show them how they can use what you sell to solve their problems faster, more efficiently, and for less money!
  • Entertaining your customers – they have enough brand messages pestering them with sales pitches. Make them smile or laugh instead.
  • Doing a bit of both: “edutainment” and “infotainment” are buzzwords for a reason – they work!

3. Convert interested prospects into paying customers

Once your prospects are at the stage of awareness where they are ready to make a buying decision, video marketing becomes an invaluable tool for nudging them over the edge.

Conversion-focused video content is like a salesperson who doesn’t need commission – or, you know, rest and sleep. It’s out there 24/7, persuading people to invest in your product or service!

And it’s pretty effective, too – research says that viewers who watch a product video become 64% more likely to buy later! So how can you use video marketing to convert prospects into customers?

In a number of ways, such as:

  • Create product explainer videos that show off your offer in action and ask people to buy.
  • Make video ads that drive qualified leads to your products, and then hook them in with a tempting offer (like a free trial).
  • Create objection-focused videos, or videos that communicate proof that your product or service can deliver on its promise.

4. Retain existing customers and raise their lifetime value

Finally, once you have paying customers, it might be tempting to breathe a sigh of relief and do a fist pump. Finally, they will stay with you for good!

…except they won’t.

We mean, of course you should celebrate – landing a paying customer is no mean feat, especially in our uber-competitive economy! But after you convert a prospect into a buyer, your next objective is to turn them into a lifelong customer…

And video marketing can help you with that, too!

Here are just a few uses that can help you maximize lifetime customer value:

  • Onboarding videos – if you educate your customers on how to make the most of your product or service, they will stick around longer.
  • “Special offer” videos – reward your customers for choosing you over the competition by offering them discounts and freebies.
  • Customer service videos – create meaningful interactions with your new customers, at scale.
  • Referral and affiliate videos – turn your existing customers into fervent brand ambassadors who will go out and attract new customers on your behalf.

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